Oscars Madness

Ughhhhhh my blog has been so abandoned recently and I do apologise, however after last nights Oscars my motivation has hit again and after finishing one of the toughest essays I’ve ever written I am awarding myself some time to write about the Oscars.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE seems to be so wrapped up in the envelope madness of what happened last night, and in case you live under a rock, someone was handed the wrong envelope and said the wrong name? It was an accident and obviously (hopefully) not done on purpose, everyone involved is embarrassed and has apologised profusely.

Know who hasn’t apologised? Casey Affleck.

I’m sorry but I am sick of seeing people who are just total scumbags being rewarded for their talent as if their scumbaggieness has nothing to do with them as a person. Casey Affleck has TWO sexual harassment suits against him… TWO.

In a year where Amber Heard was blamed for Johnny Depp’s heinous behaviour towards her despite his ‘people’ admitting he never hit her SOBER (so he did hit her) I am just totally sick of this behaviour from people who know better.

For both men to have received rounds of applause and awards and compliments when they have committed actions against women just totally unimaginable to a normal and decent human being is vile and is just another reason women don’t report crimes against them.

For me this is a deeper issue though, if you met someone who had been found guilty of domestic violence, sexual harassment or sexual assault you would not spend time rewarding them with compliments and money. This is a celebrity issue, it is the issue of money and fame and being held as higher than regular humanity, in modern society it cannot just be about being talented. It must be earned, this esteem and fame should be earned whilst the rest of the world has such darkness and sadness with wars, prejudice and hatred being thrown around we look to celebrities and award ceremonies to bring about a happier and safer feeling.

I cannot and will not enjoy ANYONE who has disregarded another persons safety or wellbeing at the expense of their own and as such I no longer look to celebrities as better than us, once the likes of Emma Roberts (arrested for domestic violence against her boyfriend), Johnny Depp (domestically abused Amber Heard), Casey Affleck (sexual harassment charges) and Mel Gibson (racist) are blacklisted within Hollywood I will again feel safe in watching award ceremonies without being told that my safety and wellbeing is okay to disregard because these people are ‘talented’.

I am grateful for those who do stick up for the rights of others and those celebrities who also find this behaviour unacceptable however their voices need to be louder not just for them but for Hollywood in general.

This post was inspired by Caroline O’Donoghue’s article Brie Larson made it pretty damn clear she wasn’t going to celebrate Casey Affleck’s win” 


2017: the plan.

2016 has been such a whirlwind for me, I have grown and changed and had such a blast, it was difficult at times and I have had some struggles. I still enjoyed my 2016 a lot, watching myself grow and change has been a huge achievement. I go to the gym-regularly- I have two jobs that I enjoy, I’m doing well-ish at university and I have a relationship that is going great.

I am totally and unapologetically happy with myself and where I am in life, I can always improve which will be my aim in 2017. I am planning to make small but important improvements to myself and my life. 2017 will see me turn 21, my baby brother turn 4 and the end of my third year at university and start of my final year- which I do not feel old enough for at all. It will be an important year no matter what happens but I plan on making it more so.

My resolutions are extremely important to me this year as they are all extremely achievable however it just takes some hard work on my end- which could be tough with how lazy I can be! They are as follows

  • Start my driving lessons in February
  • Get a car by September
  • Go to the gym three times a week no matter what
  • Start a saving plan and stick to it (spend less)
  • Take criticism in a more positive way and always try to improve

All of these are important to me due to the negative patterns I’ve found myself stuck in. I plan on becoming a better person this year, learning to drive is for an easier way to get home to see my family, meaning that if I want to see them and I finish work at 10pm then I can drive home to see them easier. I have always wanted a car by the age of 21 and as I am 21 this year I would like to see myself accomplish this goal.

Going to the gym is not to lose weight but more to feel happier in myself and to be healthier, currently I can’t get up more than two flights of stairs without getting slightly out of breath, last year I promised I would love myself more and I definitely have which has been helped a lot by going to the gym. Plus it gives me an outlet for my emotions and so when I am upset I prefer to go to the gym instead of wallowing in my emotions.

Saving has never been a strong point of mine however spending is something I have a real passion for. But that does need to change, I need to start saving my money for better things, like a car or a house in the future, I would also prefer not to live from pay check to pay check and instead have money saved in case of emergency. I would also like to start putting money away for my little brother to have when he’s older as it can help my parents to worry about things less.

Criticism is something I find difficult even if its constructive as I always strive to be the best I can so when I fail after putting my all in, it is difficult for me to accept that. This year I will begin to take criticism as a way to get better instead of a personal attack which will hopefully help me to become a better person.

All of my plans for 2017 are somewhat uninteresting however I do plan on travelling more also if I can find the time or finances, but this year I am focussing on bettering myself and my life for my future.

What are your new years resolutions or plans for the new year?

Don’t be such a drag

RuPaul’s Drag Race put drag in the spotlight for me back in 2009 as a group of drag queens fiercely battle to win the coveted crown of the next drag superstar and the approval from the queen of queens, RuPaul.Rupaul_blackpink_final

Through the years I have had my ups and downs with the show, but my love of drag artists has never changed. The show introduced me to some amazingly talented artists, who struggled with their sexuality, their art and being accepted into their community. My love of queens such as Raja, Jujubee, Adore Delano, Violet Chachki, Kim Chi and Tatiana has proven my love of fashion forward queens with deep insecurities and difficult past stories. Adore Delano has always spoken to me as a fan, the spirit she has shown through believing in herself and the fans she has won herself through her talent and loveable nature. If you don’t fall in love after hearing her voice, the punk and rocker attitude and style will win you over.AdoreDelano_3_pc_MagnusHastings-720x926

Since watching the show I have gotten increasingly worried about the “rules” of the show, or lack of. On most of these types of shows you will see the host get involved in situations of bullying or isolation. In two or three cases there has been serious situations of bullying that has been blatantly ignored, as an audience member the Phi Phi O’hara and Sharon Needles, “go back to party city” episode was excruciating to watch. The whole Roxxxy Andrews and Jinkx Monsoon relationship put a total dampener on that season for me, making it an awkward and difficult season to enjoy. A lot of the girls explain how they were bullied for being gay or drag queens or transgendered, however when it is queens bullying one another, nothing is said.tumblr_nub9yixnG91u0f3q8o1_500

I do love RuPaul’s Drag Race for so many other reasons though; it has helped to shine a light on so many challenging situations that are affecting the LGBTQ community. The drag makeover episode every season always chooses to makeover those within the community who have fought against adversity, whether it is older gay men who were there for the first pride parade, or armed forces members who have had to come out in a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ job. To add to this in season one fan favourite Ongina admitted she was HIV+, which caused so many who were HIV+ in the community to feel more comfortable and gave them a voice. Since then multiple queens have come out as transgender with a fan base to support them throughout their transition.2DE057D200000578-3293530-image-a-11_1446043517016

The American programme has introduced me to so many queens I admire in the UK, a main one being Ellis Atlantis, with a killer contour, wigs styled to the heavens and outfits that make your soul leave your body. This is a queen that knows how to work a makeup brush, she is a talented and beautiful queen who I admire and I know if there was a UK version of RuPaul Drag Race she would be one to watch.14192801_10154323716898280_663604018486994948_n

10 reasons you need to watch Gilmore Girls

I am yet to meet someone who has not seen Gilmore Girls, and I would like my life to stay that way. My mum introduced me to it, my closest friends love it and my boyfriend even enjoys it, and rightly so because its amazing and will honestly change your life.


So here are my ten reasons everyone should watch Gilmore Girls:

1- The mother-daughter bond is amazing

As a daughter of a single mother, I understand the bond that Lorelai and Rory have, the best friend connection as well as the mother-daughter arguments sprinkled between. Sharing little secrets one moment and having a screaming match another, a lot of parents would be shocked by the information we share and Lorelai and Rory are the same. Sharing stories of kissing and boys and odd inside jokes that everyone is puzzled by.


2-There is so much to throwback about 

It was first shot in 2000, which allows you to enjoy cute throwback moments enjoying flip phones and every now and then Lane- Rory’s best friend- will talk about  music which brings back so many memories. Little pop culture mentions honestly remind me of growing up in the 00’s. Not to mention the style choices of the characters that make me desperate to go back to that era, or at least to a vintage store. In the first season they go to The Bangles concert, and it was such a cute throwback that my mum squealed when she saw it, which was adorable to me.


3- You get to enjoy love and heartbreak without leaving your house

Whether you are enjoying a new teenage romance with Rory, willing Lorelai to give someone good a chance or hoping Lane will find someone her mother approves on and that she actually likes. I can promise you will fall in love with Sookie a little more each episode as she is the most adorable accident prone side-kick to Lorelai and acts as a second mother to Rory which is adorable to see women supporting one another.


4-You can enjoy awkward dinners with great shade from grandparents 

As someone who misses out on awkward family dinners, its nice to rewatch this and feel like I am part of that (all over again). Also it is hard to not enjoy and hate that shady comments thrown across the dinner table by both Lorelai and Emily. With the quick comments giving both comedy touches and creating a love-hate relationship with Emily Gilmore.


5- Lorelai’s independence and want to be independent helped me become the woman I am now

Her feminism that has trickled down into Rory was the first time I saw a woman- who was a feminist- being popular in her community. Her feminism ranges from hilarious- naming her daughter after herself as a feminist statement- to very serious with her necessity for independence. Working her way up from being a maid to manager of the inn she works at is inspiring and shows what hard work can do.


6- The supporting characters bring the main ones to life

With Luke in the diner being a prominent feature in the girls life, Michel’s constant anger at life and his job is how I feel pretty often, Miss Patty and her flirty and nosiness reminds me of so many neighbours and Kirk is an unforgettable and odd character to say the least. They give so much energy and life to Stars Hollow that it makes it so easy to imagine and helps you to love Rory and Lorelai even more. 88900.gif

7- You can enjoy all of the firsts with Rory 

Throughout the seven seasons you get to watch Rory grow up from 16 all the way through college. You get to enjoy the first kiss, first boyfriend, first heartbreak and her first date. All of which are just as awkward and embarrassing as you’ll remember yours were.


8- The theme song is horribly memorable 

“If you’re out on the road, feelin’ lonely and so cold…” I can promise that this song will be stuck in your head for the next month after watching two episodes, this is from experience. Both myself and my supervisor at work have had this problem at work and I have realised I am not a great singer.

9-There are seven seasons with 20+ episodes each and a movie is coming out soon 

In Britain we get a good four days of heat and sun, and I think they are gone. So what is better than having an amazing TV series to watch all summer and a movie coming out soon too. Each episode is filled with drama and love and is so relatable that it hurts.


10- They make you feel so much better about all the junk food you eat

As a junk food enthusiast and a chocoholic I no longer get the pangs of guilt hitting me regularly, but I do also put part of this up to my love of the Gilmore Girls. They have a love for coffee, pizza and all things junk food which makes me feel so much better about my addiction to junk food.


If that hasn’t won you over, watch the first episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix now!! Feel free to thank me later. If you don’t like it, there are rumours that Mrs Kim will haunt you in your dreams.


My Favourites

I have never done one of these before but last month I had so many things I loved that I felt like I had to write a blog post about my must-haves. I always enjoy seeing these and often they end up being my favourites too!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit- That Glow


I was lucky enough to get this from my wonderful boyfriend as a present for him leaving for 6 months, I had the Jaclyn HillxBecca Champagne Pop highlighter and used it continuously and it was amazing. Switching over to this highlight palette is amazing, with this kit there is a white shade, two pink shades and a brown shade, this mixture of colours allows me to use highlight EVERYWHERE. I use the darker shade on my contour, the pinks on my cheeks with my blush and the white on my nose and cupids bow and it honestly just brightens my face up so much. In my opinion you can never have too much of a highlight. Glow to your hearts content.


642 Tiny Things to Write About


This book is so much fun to go through on a train or on my lunch break, it has trained me to find smaller prompts for my creative writing and it has given me such positive results. I try to write each day but this book almost forces me to and I can get the same prompt from the book and write two different things and often end up writing a story that I genuinely enjoy writing.




This workout app is such a heaven send, it lets you choose the area to work out, fast forward any you don’t want to/can’t do, and it lets you time yourself. I am a very lazy person but recently I have been addicted to this, it also tells you approximately how many calories you’ve burned, and it’s free!! There is the main app, and six additional apps that concentrate on certain areas; Abs & Core, Butt, Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio and Stretching. I have all downloaded and use them all but my favourite is Abs & Core, Butt and Lower Body.


House Of Cards


My boyfriends mum actually told me to watch this after telling her my degree was in Journalism and Politics, and I must say it was one of the best recommendations ever. I was addicted and have finished the show up to the most recent season, I’m desperately waiting on season 5 and can’t wait to have chats with Jordan’s mum and dad about the last season. It is a political thriller with murder, drugs and two amazing central characters who draw you into a love/hate relationship with them.


I Dream Of Shapes 

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to model for this amazing fashion brand by my amazing friend Lucie from Tetris and Cheesecakes. ‘Modelling’ for this company was so fun and I am laughing in most of my pictures purely because modelling with some of the best bloggers I know! This was amazing and I cannot wait to see them more throughout my blogging.




I have always loved Formula 1 and having a partner who loves it too has been so amazing and has really given me more of an insight into the sport, I have missed so much of it this year due to work but have always made sure I have caught up. Usually by the 8th/9th race you can see a pattern in who will win the championship, however this year it has been so close with 18 year old Max Verstappen winning the Spanish Grand Prix and the podium being a mixed bag it has been so much more fun. Lewis Hamilton will always be my favourite as I love the rockstar status he has brought to the sport.


I apologise for the absence from my blog recently, but I have been working so much recently that I have been so tired but luckily I’ve had a few days to relax and chill with family and that has allowed me to concentrate on my blog a bit more. I promise I will get a better routine soon but needing money is the worst!

What were your favourites recently? Do you love any of mine?

It’s Time to Admit it… I Have an Addiction

After my flatmates left for a few days back at home together with their families, I found myself alone in my flat all caught up on all my tv programmes needing to start something new.

After countless friends telling me to watch Luther, a BBC Crime-Thriller with an amazingly talented cast, I finally gave in and I have fallen totally in love with the show, often watching it while doing university work- or pretending to. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed binge-watching the first series, and what with it being so impressive I decided to try something new and post about series one of the show.

I have found that I have become incredibly attached to John Luther, played beautifully as always by Idris Elba, the hard-hitting, tough talking detective who is devoted to his job despite some bad decisions due to this devotion. Alongside Elba is Ruth Wilson who plays the sophisticated genius Alice Morgan. Her role in supporting Elba is masterfully performed by this home-grown talent. Her character is an enigma who leaves nothing but question marks around her, whenever you think you know what she is going to do or how she feels the actress beautifully manoeuvres you away from your theory and back to your question marks.

The supporting cast is incredibly talented with each actor adding a different flavour to the tally of British talents gracing our screens. One of these incredible talents who will steal the hearts of many fans is Warren Brown who has proven his acting talents countless times. His character, DCI Ripley, is the loyal companion to Luther, he is admirable and played with great finesse, it is contrary to the ‘bad boy’ characters of his past.


The hardest part of Luther was watching his turbulent relationship with his ex-wife Zoe. At the beginning of the series they are separated whilst she has another partner however the relationship begins to blur throughout the series, the relationship is a difficult one to watch as the tension between Indira Varma and Idris Elba is undeniable. This is somewhat heightened when she is murdered in cold blood, a scene in which the tensions between the two is pushed to its limits and the actress really highlights exactly who her character was. A strong woman with a real love for her ex-husband, but not in the way he had hoped she did.

Towards the end of the series the storyline of the dirty cop, Ian Reed, who is a long standing friend of Luther picks up dramatically; with a kidnapping which leads to the death of Zoe Luther. Despite being incredibly in love with his wife all his unit turn their back on him except his loyal partner Ripley. This series was a real nail biter, with beautiful storylines and amazing actors running throughout.

Watching this programme started as a way to waste time however this has become a real addiction for me. It has been an amazing rollercoaster and I’m quickly moving into season two, I’ve heard only good things about the next two series and I am excited about seeing it progress.