If we were having coffee

what would I tell you?

Well firstly, I wouldn’t have coffee, I’d have a hot chocolate with four sugars and watch as your face turned to worry at the amount of sugar I was having in just one drink. (I have a serious sugar problem)

I would tell you about my brother, Alistair, I would tell you about the age difference of 17 years and how that changed me as a person before university even had a chance. I would tell you how much I love him and how he seriously is my little best friend no matter what, that watching him grow up and become such an amazing person is making me a better person too. How becoming a big sister so late on hasn’t in anyway stopped us from having a super tight connection and how I miss him an insane amount when I’m away at university.

I would tell you that I am incredibly proud to come from a single parent family with a hugely loving and supportive mother and that my main aim in life will always be to give her a comfortable life where she doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t want to. She is my rock and my best friend, she has helped me through so much and when I need someone to talk to she’s always there. I will always be a mamas girl and I will always need her in my life.

I would tell you that at 7 I had my life all planned out and honestly, nothing is going to plan at all. I planned to get into university- fair enough I got that done- I planned to save most my money and live off of the bare minimum- oh lord that has not happened- and I planned to go out with my huge group of female friends and have fancy lunches- I honestly have about eight female friends and I am always super busy so never see them (which they are all super understanding about). So yeah, nothing is going to plan.

I would tell you that this year will be my new start, I have started a new job, I will go into my final year of university, I move into a new flat, and I’m single. It’s my year for a fresh start and a focus on me and becoming the person I want to be. I’m excited for change in my life, having all these new opportunities welcoming me to a better person I know I can be. To make more time for my friends, family and myself will be the aim of this year and to genuinely enjoy myself in my final year of university despite all the stress I will undoubtedly face.

I would tell you that I am genuinely in a really good place right now, I am enjoying my work, I am- to some extent- enjoying university and that I am ready for whatever life has to throw at me. I’ve got an insanely supportive network of friends and family who at any sign of distress rally around me and never let me give up. I am extremely thankful to all of the people I have in my life for making me the woman I am today and never allowing me to forget that.

I would tell you I am a feminist, and no mansplainer is going to stop me from that. I have always had strong women around me and always looked up to strong women, all the women I know have strong feminist beliefs and for good reason- they need them. I am super proud of everything the women I know- and the women I don’t know- have accomplished and I genuinely believe it is far better to build other women up than to try to break them down. Since going to university it has become part of who I am more than ever and I am a very proud feminist, not just to help women where I live but to help them in other countries and cultures also. I always try to teach myself more about other cultures and any way in which I can become not only a better feminist but a better person through education I will take openly.

(Thought I’d add one of my favourite jokes in here)

Where do mansplainers get all of their water from?– A well, actually.

(That is literally as far as my comedic genius can reach- you are very welcome)

I would tell you that I laugh at my own jokes a hell of a lot more than anyone else does, but at least I make myself happy?

I would tell you that I love all things creative, whether its art in an art gallery, a song with beautiful lyrics or makeup on someone, I love to enjoy creativity. I love learning about art and music and new ways of creativity and I always find myself marvelling at the sheer talent and hard work within each and every thing a creative person does. Sadly I am not very creative but I adore putting makeup on myself or anyone who will allow me to. This passion for creativity possibly stems from not having much myself but I am so impressed with anyone who does.

I would tell you I’m allergic to coconut and its the most heartbreaking thing ever because I bloody love bounty bars. I remember at school me and my gran used to make these little chocolate covered coconut balls with like caramel and stuff in them and we would sell them at the school fetes and make so much money- we used to always sell out. But my gran would always make like 20 extra little coconut balls so that when we came home I would eat them all to myself and maybe let my mum and gran have some too. Also being allergic to coconut means that whenever anyone is like ‘ooohh if you want your hair shiny you should use coconut oil’ ‘if you want soft skin use coconut oil’ ‘you know its healthier to cook with coconut oil’ I get to reply with ‘well I wish I could but it would probably make me really ill, but thanks for the advice.’ I’ve totally missed out on the coconut craze and its pretty upsetting if I’m honest.

I would tell you that I am a huge movie geek and that I love the cult classics alongside anything Disney, anything gory and anything that is a psychological thriller. My favourite thing to do is go to the cinema and go and see an amazing film with a little tango ice blast to enjoy.

I would tell you that I am a huge Manchester City fan and that football is literally such a huge part of me, that I am a lover of sports in general with formula 1 and football and rugby all playing a huge role in who I am and how I grew up. I have also got extremely strong moral and political views which I will not change or budge with and are integral to my life and how I see myself, I am extremely opinionated but I do not see that as a bad thing or something to be ashamed of.

I would probably also ask a lot about you, what do you like, what do you dislike, do you have hobbies, whats your family like, do you enjoy your job and what are your aspirations for the future. Spending time with someone you are truly interested in talking to is extremely important for me as it creates a better dialogue for learning from one another, I can hand on heart say that most of the people I have encountered and all of my friends currently teach me something any time I am with them. Whether that be strength, compassion or something I needed to change about myself I am thoroughly inspired by the people around me.

Thank you to Lucie  for tagging me in this and forcing me to get back to blogging again, you are an amazing friend, mentor and a huge inspiration of mine, you are just a phenomenal person to know. Thank you also to Emily for being such an honest and open person, you have both taught me so much since I’ve known you. Thank you to Katie who has a hot as hell blog and is such a fashionista, I love your creativity and your drive as a person. Thank you to Jade who is my future flatmate for putting up with me and being such an amazing friend, I tag you in this to do it next.

Thank you to my current flatmates and close friends, Lisa and William for putting up with me for two years and dealing with my antics, thank you to my mum and my family for making me who I am today, I can only look to you for guidance and love and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

What would you tell me if you were having coffee? Let me get to know you too.


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