Update on me

So, turns out I’m not great at this whole blogging thing or sticking to it at all. However, I thought I’d give a little update on me and the changes in my life over the past few months, a big one being, I’m single. This really didn’t cause as much trauma as I thought it would, I’m actually so much happier now and with friends around me I got over it and moved on to focus on myself and making myself a better person.

It also turns out I love a night out and my friends are loving me totally letting my hair down and just having a wee dance every time we are out, in fact as I write this me and the GORGEOUS Jade (from Just Jade’s Life) will be having a girls night out for St. Patricks day which has been such a long time coming.

I moved jobs within my own company with the promise of more hours to help me over summer with staying in Stirling and not struggling too much, being independent is one of my biggest achievements and to ask my mum for money would be so difficult for me to do even though I know she would do her best to help me.

Me and Jade found a gorgeous little flat for over summer and it is all ours!! Its so much closer to town than my current one and it has central heating unlike her one at the moment so we are both super excited to move in together. No doubt she will help push me back into blogging and get me motivated as she is also my main motivation for going to the gym too!!

I’m aiming for this year to be a fresh slate for me, I have worked so hard in third year of university and tried my best with people however, I’m aiming for fourth year to be my real shining year and one I actually enjoy despite the stresses that will no doubt be upon me.

I will be learning to  drive soon too which is suuuuper nerve wracking but I need to do it so I can see my family more often and not put as much pressure on them to come pick me up and I can take Alistair more places too!!

Not much has changed recently with me but I thought I’d do a little update on where I’ve been recently and I do promise more exciting posts in the future!! 16903406_10208565414712343_8356526255279872139_o


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