Oscars Madness

Ughhhhhh my blog has been so abandoned recently and I do apologise, however after last nights Oscars my motivation has hit again and after finishing one of the toughest essays I’ve ever written I am awarding myself some time to write about the Oscars.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE seems to be so wrapped up in the envelope madness of what happened last night, and in case you live under a rock, someone was handed the wrong envelope and said the wrong name? It was an accident and obviously (hopefully) not done on purpose, everyone involved is embarrassed and has apologised profusely.

Know who hasn’t apologised? Casey Affleck.

I’m sorry but I am sick of seeing people who are just total scumbags being rewarded for their talent as if their scumbaggieness has nothing to do with them as a person. Casey Affleck has TWO sexual harassment suits against him… TWO.

In a year where Amber Heard was blamed for Johnny Depp’s heinous behaviour towards her despite his ‘people’ admitting he never hit her SOBER (so he did hit her) I am just totally sick of this behaviour from people who know better.

For both men to have received rounds of applause and awards and compliments when they have committed actions against women just totally unimaginable to a normal and decent human being is vile and is just another reason women don’t report crimes against them.

For me this is a deeper issue though, if you met someone who had been found guilty of domestic violence, sexual harassment or sexual assault you would not spend time rewarding them with compliments and money. This is a celebrity issue, it is the issue of money and fame and being held as higher than regular humanity, in modern society it cannot just be about being talented. It must be earned, this esteem and fame should be earned whilst the rest of the world has such darkness and sadness with wars, prejudice and hatred being thrown around we look to celebrities and award ceremonies to bring about a happier and safer feeling.

I cannot and will not enjoy ANYONE who has disregarded another persons safety or wellbeing at the expense of their own and as such I no longer look to celebrities as better than us, once the likes of Emma Roberts (arrested for domestic violence against her boyfriend), Johnny Depp (domestically abused Amber Heard), Casey Affleck (sexual harassment charges) and Mel Gibson (racist) are blacklisted within Hollywood I will again feel safe in watching award ceremonies without being told that my safety and wellbeing is okay to disregard because these people are ‘talented’.

I am grateful for those who do stick up for the rights of others and those celebrities who also find this behaviour unacceptable however their voices need to be louder not just for them but for Hollywood in general.

This post was inspired by Caroline O’Donoghue’s article Brie Larson made it pretty damn clear she wasn’t going to celebrate Casey Affleck’s win”