Missing everything

Being a big sister is one thing I am insanely proud of. My little brother Alistair is my world and everything I do is done for him. However, living away from home, being at university and having two jobs leaves me with little to no time to go home.


This sadly means that I miss a lot of things I should be there for; first bonfire, first day at nursery, first steps and most recently, first nativity. I work extremely hard to give him the things that I want him to have, however it is heartbreaking to miss experiencing his firsts with him.


Trying to balance all those stresses of being a big sister has made me so much more grateful for my mum, who balanced all of this whilst being a single mother. I know buying him every toy and all the clothes he could ever possibly need wont replace time spent together and in 2017 spending time with Alistair will be a number one priority.

At only three years old he probably wont remember most of this part of his life, however I will and I want lots of cute memories with him for when he’s older. Plus I do plan on being extremely embarrassing when he does get older and try to impress his friends and girls.


I am extremely lucky to have him in my life and I would hate him to ever think I took him for granted, plus he is my best little buddy ever so it would be pretty heart breaking if he wasn’t constantly reminded every year he grew up.



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