My University Stationary Stash

Going back to university is always a little bittersweet for all the the stationary addicts, the excitement of being able to buy stationary and not feeling guilty about it but the looming fear of essays, exams and lectures begins.

I love stationary and I am constantly thinking of what to add to my little collection, I never have a colour collection in mind, I just love something that stands out and speaks to me. Most of my friends and family know that stationary is my guilty pleasure and as such my birthday presents were mostly stationary giving me a whole new stash of stationary to show off.

1- My AMAZING Wonder Woman mug


My flatmates and best friends know me too well and know how much I love Wonder Woman and how I don’t have anywhere to put all my new pens and pencils for university. They also know I recently got the new Wonder Woman Funko and as such I received the Funko Wonder Woman mug and I am in love. It now houses all my pens and takes pride of place next to my Funko and book I got from them for christmas.

2- My beautiful Swarovski pens


For my birthday I got given the rose gold Swarovski pen from my boyfriend (following the list I gave him) since my birthday it has gained me many compliments at university lectures and classes. Not soon after my work colleague and close friend give me the limited edition Elsa Swarovski pen for my birthday which combined my two loves, sparkles and Frozen. Both are my new go-to’s for lectures and studying as I honestly love them so much.

3- My week planner


This is something I genuinely couldn’t live without now, with two jobs currently and university (and personal time) to juggle, this is my go to book for when anyone asks if I’m available, I also use it to plan out my meals and my work outs. I genuinely am addicted to planning, I love having everything planned out and prepared and so I honestly live off this little booklet.

4- My inspirational quote folders


These are probably not completely necessary for university but they are so cute and colourful, plus when I cannot be bothered doing university work, it really boosts my morale. I also hate that most university rooms are grey and boring and dull so I try to bring a little colour with me to every class.

Slight self-indulgence here

5- Colouring books and pencils


This honestly de-stresses me so much, especially because the ones I have I love, the Star Wars and Superhero colouring books honestly let me calm down and just enjoy my own space. This is something that I now prioritise for myself as I can often get very stressed about little things if I don’t get time to myself each week. I love doing creative things to take me away and just let me go to my own little place.

University always gives everyone a reason to shop for stationary whether this is exciting or exhausting for students. I have an addiction to TK Maxx stationary section with Sainsbury’s and Paperchase coming close behind.


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