The Edinburgh Fringe… Done Wrong

Sitting in a luggage rack in first class is not as glamorous as people might have you believe. Getting odd looks from each person getting on the train became almost a badge of uncomfortable honour. However, I was off to see Lucie (from Tetris and Cheesecakes) so from the moment I had woken up I knew my day wouldn’t be a dull one.

Getting to Edinburgh I somehow always get a little lost at the train station, so luckily Lucie agreed to meet me right outside my train gates. Finding her is always easy with how bright her hair is, this time blue, last time pink. My day went from odd to odder the moment I found Lucie.

Walking out of the train station and into Edinburgh it was obvious the fringe was in full swing with packed streets and flyers being thrust my way from every angle. As someone who isn’t really a fan of big crowds we both decided that lunch was the next job of the day. Walking backstreets to avoid the hustle and bustle was an absolute must, however my guide was somewhat useless with directions and almost was ran over a fair few times.

Heading through the backstreets, I spotted Space N.K and begged Lucie to go in which she happily obliged and watching Lucie walk around, known by the manager on a personal level, and pick up and buy each and every pink lipstick she could find and some amazing coloured eyeliner. I found myself falling in love with a beautiful gold eyeshadow from NARS’ new line this summer and a Laura Mercier Pink Highlight/Illuminator. I had decided to leave both however Lucie (being the best person ever) bought me the eyeshadow as part of her bundle and talked me into the highlight-which I will do a makeup look and review on soon.

Finally we made it to Badger & Co. and I must say I was extremely pleased with our lunch, getting the worlds cutest cocktails, and some gorgeous food I was content with my fringe experience- having not actually seen anything yet.

We chose to head over to udderbelly to find something worth seeing, however nothing in udderbelly intrigued us enough, we soon found a free event close-by however almost got lost thanks to Lucie again headed to Quiz In My Pants. This was a comedy panel show with different comedians each night and a cute as a button host.

All of a sudden the host tells us that they were looking for audience participation and everyone sighs however a young man called Tom was picked and myself and Lucie took a sigh of relief. With each comedian having their own obvious style and being given a space of time to show this was enjoyable, Dan Simpson a poet comedian, Katharine Ferns with her quick witted Canadian comedy and Robin Boot a musical comedian who brought some hilarious pun comedy and dirty jokes. It was a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere with audience participation making it that bit more fun and with the audience winning in the end it kept my competitive side happy too.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

The day was warm, fun and enjoyable, having only seen one fringe event I felt a little annoyed at myself however I was incredibly happy with the one I did see. I would honestly recommend anyone to go see it as it is free and I’m sure it is different every night with the constant changes to the line-up.

I enjoyed my day in Edinburgh so much, however, see the fringe in the best possible way, I did not. I tried my best but catching up with friends and having a slow and fun day out on a day off, I didn’t put pressure on myself to see everything, however I will hopefully catch more of it next year and make a few days of it.

Have you ever been to the fringe? Do you plan to go to the fringe in the future?


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