Two weeks in…

Recently I have felt myself go on a serious health kick- odd and unlike me- but very fun nonetheless. For every day of the last two weeks I have worked out for at least two hours and I have sincerely enjoyed my workouts and how I’ve been feeling after the workouts. Next day after my workouts have become increasingly sore, however.

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As I have previously stated, the best part of working out is buying new workout gear, however this can be very expensive if you are wanting to wear branded products and I am sadly a brand fiend, with a new found addiction to Nike.

I went to the Tillicoultry Outlet Centre for the first time, despite it being only a twenty minute car ride away, and I was thoroughly impressed with the stores on offer and the discount available at these stores. As I love a good shopping spree of course I went a little nuts but on this new health kick, it was hard to resist.

I treated myself to a whole new set of work out gear and I am very excited to use it all. I got some gorgeous purple and pink shorts with under armour and a comfortable band to fit perfectly on the waist- the original price being £32.00 but at the outlet store I got them for £11. I got some cute leggings too with the Nike tick on it in luminous white, which went from £16 to £11 and the comfiest women’s Free Run 5.0 TR Fit 5.0, with an original price of £90 and it was discounted multiple times and ended up being £22.50, which I was incredibly impressed with! I also found that these were still for sale on ASOS for full selling price. I also got a Stella Sport running top from the Adidas outlet store, from £28 to £19.50.

Since visiting the outlet centre I have done nothing but boast about the savings I made whilst I was there, I ended up getting everything for less than £65.

I have been doing home work outs using the SWORKIT apps, and a very unforgiving medicine ball but I genuinely adore my workouts now. Home workouts have helped boost my confidence so much and I have even started jogging- IN PUBLIC.

I cannot explain how much I love SWORKIT apps because you can work out at home with nothing but a mat to lay on, I use my medicine ball but purely to add to the workout-it is totally optional.



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