Why I am a feminist

I am going to talk the dreaded topic, feminism. This has always been a topic I have been very passionate about, seeing inequality in any form is something that disgusts me, racism, sexism or homophobia is an unacceptable and outdated form of ideology. Hearing comments that judge, disrespect or take advantage of a female makes me think one thing every time; “would you say that if she was a man?”

Using the “if she was a man” question makes you realise how horribly unfair and sexist people can be day to day, totally unaware that they are in fact being sexist. But is this something women can tackle currently? I am lucky enough to live in the UK a pretty progressive country, I am not victim to acid attacks like a huge number of women in India and Pakistan, I am not victim to kidnapping and forced marriages like young girls in China and I am not victim to losing my education because of my gender like so many young girls across the world. So does this mean I cannot complain about the sexism that I can be victim to in my country? NO it does not and I would honestly argue that anyone who says ‘at least you aren’t living in India where it is possible to be attacked by acid’ is somewhat condoning it.

These statements are slight threats in my opinion, almost a ‘well I am only threatening to judge you on your appearance, not throw acid at you’ this sort of belief system is damaging to not only women but society as a whole. If you do not see this as an attack on every woman then you are sorely wrong. A woman brought you into this world, a woman helped teach you, a woman will no doubt have helped if you have ever been to hospital (as a nurse, doctor, cleaner), with women making up 50% of the population, it is safe to assume that we should be able to have the same opportunities as men, be judged the same way as men and be punished the same as men.

You will be pushed to find an ACTUAL feminist who doesn’t believe that women should be punished the same as men for the same crimes. After a long scroll through a Facebook post about a female teacher sexually assaulting a male student, the outrage from feminists was obvious however many men reacted with ‘I wouldn’t complain’ or ‘man up, any real man would love that’ however an argument against feminism is always ‘if you want equality why wouldn’t it be called equalitism but this is for females only’. This argument is wrong and totally unfounded, misandrists are those who hate men, almost like misogynists but towards men. Funnily enough men don’t like misandrists just as women don’t like misogynists.

So, I ask that when you are going to say something, think first “would I say that if she were a man?” and if not, you are helping the problem. Try to be more positive towards yourself and others, a few words of positivity can brighten up someone else’s day, and knowing you’ve done that can really improve your mood too.


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