Why dungarees are my new go-to look

I am a very plain and boring person especially when it comes to my style and clothing, I love my grey t-shirts and white t-shirts with jeans or joggers when I’m not in my work uniform. I rarely change my style, often buying the same items of clothing to replace old ones (I just love routine), but recently I went to Marks and Spencer and had a look in their clothing section.

I don’t usually go to M&S other than going for my lunch which is my little guilty pleasure every now and again, but on my lunch hour I went to M&S and had a look at their Limited Edition clothing section and instantly fell in love with the dungarees on the mannequin. The dark blue denim was like my typical colour of jeans with a slim fit on the legs, unlike other jeans these fit my freakishly long legs perfectly and for the first time I could actually roll the legs up on the jeans. I am totally in love with them and would never stop wearing them if i could get away with it.


I usually never take pictures of my clothes because of how boring my style is but I cannot stop looking at these and praising these.


I don’t usually spend much on clothes unless its my work uniform so I had a little splurge on this at £49.50 but paired with a simple £3.99 cropped white tee and converse it is a cute, simple and comfy go to outfit for me.

As someone who was horribly deprived of dungarees in my childhood and teenage life I feel that it is no wonder I love them so much now! It is my new found favourite and a total guilty pleasure of mine! Thank you Marks and Spencer for this and I think I’ll be keeping an eye on the Limited Edition section of their clothing from now on.


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