Fundraising (and climbing the Dumyat) for CLIC Sargent

Back in September 2015, I was hired to join the H Samuel team in Stirling and I was told how important fundraising was to the company for CLIC Sargent and it was explained what it was and what it meant to the company and managers and staff. Fast forward to the 3rd of July 2016 and it has become a seriously important part of my life too now-so much so that I got two huge blisters for it and couldn’t be happier.

For the past two weeks myself and the H Samuel Stirling team have been tirelessly fundraising for this extremely worthwhile cause with customers and family and friends. The H Samuel Falkirk team have been doing the same over in their store trying to raise as much money as possible to help as much as we can. All this fundraising was in the build up to our climb up Dumyat in order to show how much we care about this charity. Wearing our Children’s Cancer Awareness pins and our CLIC Sargent tops to work really helped to get people in a giving mood, and when we told them about our plans to go up Dumyat they was a mixture of people who were impressed and people who thought we wouldn’t be able to.


Me showing off my CLIC Sargent uniform for the dayDSCF1312

Roseann and Stephen modelling our CLIC Sargent topsDSCF1311

Stephen showing everyone our flyers he madeDSCF1314

My boss Debbie and Rufus the CLIC Sargent dog

Climbing Dumyat was much shorter than I expected but really tough, there was a lot of really steep areas and a few near the edge bits where I was slightly terrified. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do it but shockingly on the way up I was at the front for most of it. Climbing up there was tough and a little scary but it was a real sense of achievement and thinking about all the children and families who could use the help that CLIC Sargent give just made it all worthwhile.

This was me and Stephen on our way up with the views at the start being absolutely breathtaking, looking down on the Wallace Monument was so odd because I live below it and look up at it every day but it was absolutely gorgeous.

To keep motivating myself to get to the top I decided to snapchat my way up and it did help a little, it made my snapchat story somewhat eventful for the day! But the views were amazing and the highland cows up on the hills were such an amazing sight that it would’ve been silly not to take a picture. About half way up my legs started to get really sore and my hip (that was previously injured) was not in good shape but I kept motivating myself and remembering what I was doing it for, but I now realise how out of shape I am. It took us 59minutes and 23seconds to get up which I am shocked that we did it under an hour but I am so proud of everybody who did it.

The Stirling team at the top


The Falkirk team at the top

Luckily on the way up I didn’t notice the two blisters forming on my feet but on the way down I definitely did! The way down took me way longer than the way up but I think that was because I was enjoying the views so much and wanted to take my time, plus me and Debbie thought we got lost!! Thankfully we hadn’t and ended up being only 10 minutes behind the rest of the group when we got back to the cars. It was an amazing experience and I cannot thank the Falkirk team enough for suggesting it and doing it with us.

I would like to thank all the customers who willed us on and donated money to us, the friends and family who donated to us and worked so hard to get us money, a special thank you to the staff over at Day Surgery Ward in NHS Ayrshire and Arran (and my mum) who raised an amazing £138 toward the climb for us helping us to smash our £200 target. Thank you to everyone who helped and to CLIC Sargent for the t-shirts we got given (that I love). This was truly important to me and the staff at H Samuel Stirling so this means so much to us! So far H Samuel Stirling has raised £460 towards CLIC Sargent, however if you would like to donate, pop into store and say hi or donate on our Just Giving page.

Thank you again for all your support and help, it means so much to us all. If you would like to know more about CLIC Sargent head over to their website to find out more information and to see what you can do to help.


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