Why I am a feminist

I am going to talk the dreaded topic, feminism. This has always been a topic I have been very passionate about, seeing inequality in any form is something that disgusts me, racism, sexism or homophobia is an unacceptable and outdated form of ideology. Hearing comments that judge, disrespect or take advantage of a female makes me think one thing every time; “would you say that if she was a man?”

Using the “if she was a man” question makes you realise how horribly unfair and sexist people can be day to day, totally unaware that they are in fact being sexist. But is this something women can tackle currently? I am lucky enough to live in the UK a pretty progressive country, I am not victim to acid attacks like a huge number of women in India and Pakistan, I am not victim to kidnapping and forced marriages like young girls in China and I am not victim to losing my education because of my gender like so many young girls across the world. So does this mean I cannot complain about the sexism that I can be victim to in my country? NO it does not and I would honestly argue that anyone who says ‘at least you aren’t living in India where it is possible to be attacked by acid’ is somewhat condoning it.

These statements are slight threats in my opinion, almost a ‘well I am only threatening to judge you on your appearance, not throw acid at you’ this sort of belief system is damaging to not only women but society as a whole. If you do not see this as an attack on every woman then you are sorely wrong. A woman brought you into this world, a woman helped teach you, a woman will no doubt have helped if you have ever been to hospital (as a nurse, doctor, cleaner), with women making up 50% of the population, it is safe to assume that we should be able to have the same opportunities as men, be judged the same way as men and be punished the same as men.

You will be pushed to find an ACTUAL feminist who doesn’t believe that women should be punished the same as men for the same crimes. After a long scroll through a Facebook post about a female teacher sexually assaulting a male student, the outrage from feminists was obvious however many men reacted with ‘I wouldn’t complain’ or ‘man up, any real man would love that’ however an argument against feminism is always ‘if you want equality why wouldn’t it be called equalitism but this is for females only’. This argument is wrong and totally unfounded, misandrists are those who hate men, almost like misogynists but towards men. Funnily enough men don’t like misandrists just as women don’t like misogynists.

So, I ask that when you are going to say something, think first “would I say that if she were a man?” and if not, you are helping the problem. Try to be more positive towards yourself and others, a few words of positivity can brighten up someone else’s day, and knowing you’ve done that can really improve your mood too.


10 reasons you need to watch Gilmore Girls

I am yet to meet someone who has not seen Gilmore Girls, and I would like my life to stay that way. My mum introduced me to it, my closest friends love it and my boyfriend even enjoys it, and rightly so because its amazing and will honestly change your life.


So here are my ten reasons everyone should watch Gilmore Girls:

1- The mother-daughter bond is amazing

As a daughter of a single mother, I understand the bond that Lorelai and Rory have, the best friend connection as well as the mother-daughter arguments sprinkled between. Sharing little secrets one moment and having a screaming match another, a lot of parents would be shocked by the information we share and Lorelai and Rory are the same. Sharing stories of kissing and boys and odd inside jokes that everyone is puzzled by.


2-There is so much to throwback about 

It was first shot in 2000, which allows you to enjoy cute throwback moments enjoying flip phones and every now and then Lane- Rory’s best friend- will talk about  music which brings back so many memories. Little pop culture mentions honestly remind me of growing up in the 00’s. Not to mention the style choices of the characters that make me desperate to go back to that era, or at least to a vintage store. In the first season they go to The Bangles concert, and it was such a cute throwback that my mum squealed when she saw it, which was adorable to me.


3- You get to enjoy love and heartbreak without leaving your house

Whether you are enjoying a new teenage romance with Rory, willing Lorelai to give someone good a chance or hoping Lane will find someone her mother approves on and that she actually likes. I can promise you will fall in love with Sookie a little more each episode as she is the most adorable accident prone side-kick to Lorelai and acts as a second mother to Rory which is adorable to see women supporting one another.


4-You can enjoy awkward dinners with great shade from grandparents 

As someone who misses out on awkward family dinners, its nice to rewatch this and feel like I am part of that (all over again). Also it is hard to not enjoy and hate that shady comments thrown across the dinner table by both Lorelai and Emily. With the quick comments giving both comedy touches and creating a love-hate relationship with Emily Gilmore.


5- Lorelai’s independence and want to be independent helped me become the woman I am now

Her feminism that has trickled down into Rory was the first time I saw a woman- who was a feminist- being popular in her community. Her feminism ranges from hilarious- naming her daughter after herself as a feminist statement- to very serious with her necessity for independence. Working her way up from being a maid to manager of the inn she works at is inspiring and shows what hard work can do.


6- The supporting characters bring the main ones to life

With Luke in the diner being a prominent feature in the girls life, Michel’s constant anger at life and his job is how I feel pretty often, Miss Patty and her flirty and nosiness reminds me of so many neighbours and Kirk is an unforgettable and odd character to say the least. They give so much energy and life to Stars Hollow that it makes it so easy to imagine and helps you to love Rory and Lorelai even more. 88900.gif

7- You can enjoy all of the firsts with Rory 

Throughout the seven seasons you get to watch Rory grow up from 16 all the way through college. You get to enjoy the first kiss, first boyfriend, first heartbreak and her first date. All of which are just as awkward and embarrassing as you’ll remember yours were.


8- The theme song is horribly memorable 

“If you’re out on the road, feelin’ lonely and so cold…” I can promise that this song will be stuck in your head for the next month after watching two episodes, this is from experience. Both myself and my supervisor at work have had this problem at work and I have realised I am not a great singer.

9-There are seven seasons with 20+ episodes each and a movie is coming out soon 

In Britain we get a good four days of heat and sun, and I think they are gone. So what is better than having an amazing TV series to watch all summer and a movie coming out soon too. Each episode is filled with drama and love and is so relatable that it hurts.


10- They make you feel so much better about all the junk food you eat

As a junk food enthusiast and a chocoholic I no longer get the pangs of guilt hitting me regularly, but I do also put part of this up to my love of the Gilmore Girls. They have a love for coffee, pizza and all things junk food which makes me feel so much better about my addiction to junk food.


If that hasn’t won you over, watch the first episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix now!! Feel free to thank me later. If you don’t like it, there are rumours that Mrs Kim will haunt you in your dreams.


Why dungarees are my new go-to look

I am a very plain and boring person especially when it comes to my style and clothing, I love my grey t-shirts and white t-shirts with jeans or joggers when I’m not in my work uniform. I rarely change my style, often buying the same items of clothing to replace old ones (I just love routine), but recently I went to Marks and Spencer and had a look in their clothing section.

I don’t usually go to M&S other than going for my lunch which is my little guilty pleasure every now and again, but on my lunch hour I went to M&S and had a look at their Limited Edition clothing section and instantly fell in love with the dungarees on the mannequin. The dark blue denim was like my typical colour of jeans with a slim fit on the legs, unlike other jeans these fit my freakishly long legs perfectly and for the first time I could actually roll the legs up on the jeans. I am totally in love with them and would never stop wearing them if i could get away with it.


I usually never take pictures of my clothes because of how boring my style is but I cannot stop looking at these and praising these.


I don’t usually spend much on clothes unless its my work uniform so I had a little splurge on this at £49.50 but paired with a simple £3.99 cropped white tee and converse it is a cute, simple and comfy go to outfit for me.

As someone who was horribly deprived of dungarees in my childhood and teenage life I feel that it is no wonder I love them so much now! It is my new found favourite and a total guilty pleasure of mine! Thank you Marks and Spencer for this and I think I’ll be keeping an eye on the Limited Edition section of their clothing from now on.

Fundraising (and climbing the Dumyat) for CLIC Sargent

Back in September 2015, I was hired to join the H Samuel team in Stirling and I was told how important fundraising was to the company for CLIC Sargent and it was explained what it was and what it meant to the company and managers and staff. Fast forward to the 3rd of July 2016 and it has become a seriously important part of my life too now-so much so that I got two huge blisters for it and couldn’t be happier.

For the past two weeks myself and the H Samuel Stirling team have been tirelessly fundraising for this extremely worthwhile cause with customers and family and friends. The H Samuel Falkirk team have been doing the same over in their store trying to raise as much money as possible to help as much as we can. All this fundraising was in the build up to our climb up Dumyat in order to show how much we care about this charity. Wearing our Children’s Cancer Awareness pins and our CLIC Sargent tops to work really helped to get people in a giving mood, and when we told them about our plans to go up Dumyat they was a mixture of people who were impressed and people who thought we wouldn’t be able to.


Me showing off my CLIC Sargent uniform for the dayDSCF1312

Roseann and Stephen modelling our CLIC Sargent topsDSCF1311

Stephen showing everyone our flyers he madeDSCF1314

My boss Debbie and Rufus the CLIC Sargent dog

Climbing Dumyat was much shorter than I expected but really tough, there was a lot of really steep areas and a few near the edge bits where I was slightly terrified. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do it but shockingly on the way up I was at the front for most of it. Climbing up there was tough and a little scary but it was a real sense of achievement and thinking about all the children and families who could use the help that CLIC Sargent give just made it all worthwhile.

This was me and Stephen on our way up with the views at the start being absolutely breathtaking, looking down on the Wallace Monument was so odd because I live below it and look up at it every day but it was absolutely gorgeous.

To keep motivating myself to get to the top I decided to snapchat my way up and it did help a little, it made my snapchat story somewhat eventful for the day! But the views were amazing and the highland cows up on the hills were such an amazing sight that it would’ve been silly not to take a picture. About half way up my legs started to get really sore and my hip (that was previously injured) was not in good shape but I kept motivating myself and remembering what I was doing it for, but I now realise how out of shape I am. It took us 59minutes and 23seconds to get up which I am shocked that we did it under an hour but I am so proud of everybody who did it.

The Stirling team at the top


The Falkirk team at the top

Luckily on the way up I didn’t notice the two blisters forming on my feet but on the way down I definitely did! The way down took me way longer than the way up but I think that was because I was enjoying the views so much and wanted to take my time, plus me and Debbie thought we got lost!! Thankfully we hadn’t and ended up being only 10 minutes behind the rest of the group when we got back to the cars. It was an amazing experience and I cannot thank the Falkirk team enough for suggesting it and doing it with us.

I would like to thank all the customers who willed us on and donated money to us, the friends and family who donated to us and worked so hard to get us money, a special thank you to the staff over at Day Surgery Ward in NHS Ayrshire and Arran (and my mum) who raised an amazing £138 toward the climb for us helping us to smash our £200 target. Thank you to everyone who helped and to CLIC Sargent for the t-shirts we got given (that I love). This was truly important to me and the staff at H Samuel Stirling so this means so much to us! So far H Samuel Stirling has raised £460 towards CLIC Sargent, however if you would like to donate, pop into store and say hi or donate on our Just Giving page.

Thank you again for all your support and help, it means so much to us all. If you would like to know more about CLIC Sargent head over to their website to find out more information and to see what you can do to help.