Spending my weekends at home

After months of spending my weekends working the past three weekends I have spent in the company of my amazing family. Eating all the food they own in the house and attacking my little brother with tickles has been insanely fun. I have felt so far from home at times and really homesick but work has got me through.

The best part of being home is spending quality time with my baby brother, spending time with him is so important to me and a huge reason I chose to go to Stirling- to be closer to him and so he wouldn’t forget about me.

We’ve cleaned together.


Watched movies together.


Went to the beach together.

And studied(ish).


And, had dinner together.


Best thing about being home, other than my family is my mothers cooking, after a weekend of my mums food, going back to eating my own is boring and reminds me how terrible my cooking really is.

The best thing is that she always asks what I want, and what I’m craving as I often don’t spend much time at home, so I get treated like royalty, I’ve been dining like a queen every weekend. Her chicken cacciatore is to die for- even my brother likes it and he’s picky! Think my mum will soon be sick of me asking for it though.


I might put her recipe up at some point!

Spending quality time with my mum has been amazing, as well as being my mum she is my best friend and getting a pep talk from her has gotten me through these tough few weeks. She has taught me a lot in how to be strong and happy in myself.

Having time at home has also allowed me to take time for my blog and get posts written, I’ve found myself really tired and sluggish after work most days so blogging can be tough and strenuous. I’ve also had an excuse to watch Disney movies and Sophia the First (which is an amazing show). My mum has finally admitted this was her main reason for having children, so being interested in Disney wasn’t weird.

Constantly working is extremely tiring but very rewarding, I feel like I’ve grown a lot recently through working and have almost become slightly addicted to it. I know its important for me to take time for myself as well, and I promise to not abandon my blog because of work again. Bloggers honour!

I am loving time at home recently but I am working the next few weekends. I’m happy I’m getting a better mix between down time and working.



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