Why I’ll be voting remain tomorrow

As a politics student, voting is extremely important to me, as I believe it gives everyone a voice and I think it is our responsibility to educate ourselves fully and make an informed decision. As such voting allows us to complain about those in power- whether you voted for them or not- if you choose not to vote, in my opinion, you have no right to say how you feel about the political outcome.

I totally understand people being disillusioned with politicians and the way things are run, but with more young people getting involved politically, it will hopefully make politics more progressive for the country.

The arguments on both sides- for remain and brexit- have been negative and weak, no doubt making a marked difference as to how voters will react towards politicians on both sides after the referendum. I think the brexit arguments especially from UKIP have been extremely racist and ignorant, especially the Farage billboard that looks a little familiar, guess he did Nazi that coming? (I couldn’t resist sorry)

With a rhetoric very similar to that of the Nazi party also, many of the same arguments have almost been copy and pasted from Hitlers own propaganda. The anti-immigration argument has genuinely disgusted me, as a member of a family that has been blessed by immigration, it has truly blown me away as to how anyone can support the hatred of others and turn it into a political tool.

It also makes me laugh that there is even an argument for border controls as currently the United Kingdom is not- and has never been- a member of the Schengen passport-free area, which allows the UK (wait for it….) border controls. This must thoroughly embarrass Nigel Farage as he recently tweeted claiming we did not have any and that exiting the EU would allow this. Awkward…Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 17.32.32

I have met some amazing people thanks to the EU, my supervisor at work is Polish, she works extremely hard and pays tax, as such is not costing the tax payer a penny and is in fact contributing to our economy, and I cannot imagine not having known her. My mum works with many foreign doctors from all around the world who come to this country and save lives and contribute to our economy by paying tax. If you vote in a government who ride the wave of recession on cuts and austerity, that is exactly what you will receive, blaming austerity on refugees and immigration policies is wrong.

I think immigration has blessed this country in many ways and claiming our nation is ‘Great’ is we choose to exit the EU on the basis of immigration is laughable. If we has a brexit argument which was based on genuine statistics and facts, not fear mongering or blaming others for our own issues, I might listen. But the arguments of ‘the money we’ll save will go to the NHS’ coming from the mouths of Conservatives or UKIP members is ridiculous as both parties openly favour privatisation of our beloved NHS.

For decades our country has seen positives come from teaming up with other european countries from World War II up until today as we try to gain positive resolution to our refugee crisis (AND YES IT IS OUR REFUGEE CRISIS). Personally I am a fan of human rights and workers rights and my holiday entitlement, all of which I can thank the EU for imposing on our government and I can bet that if we do leave tomorrow the Conservative government would get rid of all ofthat helping bigger businesses to make more by treating workers worse (thanks for the 0 hours contract though David Cameron and co.).

I would beg you, think of your neighbour, think of all of the hard workers and think of the future of the younger generations when voting tomorrow. Vote for love and acceptance over fear and hatred. If you prefer economic proof- listen to the experts on this one.

I will be voting #bremain tomorrow, will you?



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