Things I’m sick of hearing as a girl who likes football

To celebrate the Euros starting this week, I have decided to write things I am so sick of hearing as a girl who likes football. With the Euros starting this summer I am more than excited to have something to watch over summer as when football isn’t on it spins me into withdrawal symptoms. BUT because I’m a girl often football banter is passed by me, because I am a girl who just shouldn’t know about football.

I am sick of getting the ‘do you know the offside rule’ question

I personally don’t understand what is so difficult about the offside rule, it is pretty simple and I have had to explain it to so many people, girls and boys. I think its crazy that I should have to prove my worthiness to people about how much I know about football, and often once you’ve proven your knowledge they continue to be shocked when you say ‘that was offside’ during a game.

When watching a game being asked where my boyfriend is

This is as if I can only like football if my boyfriend has dragged me there and that I haven’t gone by choice, I have been to many games with family, sometimes I have been with only the male members of my family but I went there by choice because I genuinely enjoy the game and the atmosphere. This often comes with random explanations as to what is happening in the game, WHICH IM AWARE OF.

Getting asked who told me to support the team I support

THIS. UGHHHHH. I support Manchester City and have done for my entire life, because my family are from Manchester and it feels like my home. It is not because a boyfriend of mine forced me to support them, it is because I wanted to support them. I love my team and have a real connection to them, the stadium and Manchester as a whole because of how long I have supported them and no one will ever change that for me.

Being ignored when it comes to football chat

This happens a lot, if I’m with my male friends it is completely likely that any input I have will be ignored because I’m a girl and because it is just believed I won’t know enough to have a good enough laugh about it. This happens so often and even if its not done on purpose, it is so irritating. The only person who takes me seriously when it comes to football banter is my boyfriend who I almost always have a laugh with about football.

Getting quizzed constantly

“Who is your manager now?” “Who was your last manager?” “Who has scored the most goals this season?” the list is endless, I bet guys who say they like football don’t get a quiz on their team and questions to AGAIN prove they like football and actually support their team.


I don’t judge girls who don’t like sports, if your into makeup and Keeping Up with The Kardashians, you do you. BUT I hate hearing “I bet she only likes football to impress boys” because sweetheart, thats not cute. I cannot stand this comment and I hear it all the time, I’m sure my boyfriend enjoys that we share similar interests, but I don’t think he’s with me purely because I enjoy football. I cannot honestly urge to people how much I’ve heard this and I think its so sad that women can’t be more empowering to one another and just let each other live.

Although I adore the game, I cannot stand the constant questioning that girls have to put up with and many men need to learn saying “you’re too pretty to like football” it is annoying as hell, because it shows you think only ugly girls can like sports. Also many men choose to moan if their girlfriend doesn’t like sports. With this post I urge you, don’t be that guy, don’t be that girl, just if someone says they like something, just trust that they aren’t randomly lying about liking something.

Enjoy the Euros this summer too! Try not to be too happy when England lose as well.


3 thoughts on “Things I’m sick of hearing as a girl who likes football

  1. tartantights says:

    Reblogged this on Tartantights's Blog and commented:
    Hey Readers.

    As you know I don’t reblog posts very often so when I do decide to do it then it means the post has made a real impact on me. This post from Sophia Violet Blog speaks to my heart because as a fellow female football fan she tells it like it is when it comes to sexism in sport and especially in football.

    Believe me when I say, Manchester City have a supporter to be proud of and a true champion of women football fans everywhere. So it’s with a ringing endorsement that I recommend
    you read Things I’m Sick Of Hearing As A Girl Who Likes Football.

    Trust me as a trans woman who is a proud Celtic fan, I’ve heard chat of the kind of she tackles a in her post and to be honest it disturbs me that so many of our fellow football fans are living in the dark ages. However, if anyone can give sexism the red card it’s a blogger called Sophia Violet. I hope you find her post to be both entertaining and educational and we start working on eradicating these ugly attitudes from the beautiful game.

    Love And Best Wishes
    Gayle X

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