Spending my weekends at home

After months of spending my weekends working the past three weekends I have spent in the company of my amazing family. Eating all the food they own in the house and attacking my little brother with tickles has been insanely fun. I have felt so far from home at times and really homesick but work has got me through.

The best part of being home is spending quality time with my baby brother, spending time with him is so important to me and a huge reason I chose to go to Stirling- to be closer to him and so he wouldn’t forget about me.

We’ve cleaned together.


Watched movies together.


Went to the beach together.

And studied(ish).


And, had dinner together.


Best thing about being home, other than my family is my mothers cooking, after a weekend of my mums food, going back to eating my own is boring and reminds me how terrible my cooking really is.

The best thing is that she always asks what I want, and what I’m craving as I often don’t spend much time at home, so I get treated like royalty, I’ve been dining like a queen every weekend. Her chicken cacciatore is to die for- even my brother likes it and he’s picky! Think my mum will soon be sick of me asking for it though.


I might put her recipe up at some point!

Spending quality time with my mum has been amazing, as well as being my mum she is my best friend and getting a pep talk from her has gotten me through these tough few weeks. She has taught me a lot in how to be strong and happy in myself.

Having time at home has also allowed me to take time for my blog and get posts written, I’ve found myself really tired and sluggish after work most days so blogging can be tough and strenuous. I’ve also had an excuse to watch Disney movies and Sophia the First (which is an amazing show). My mum has finally admitted this was her main reason for having children, so being interested in Disney wasn’t weird.

Constantly working is extremely tiring but very rewarding, I feel like I’ve grown a lot recently through working and have almost become slightly addicted to it. I know its important for me to take time for myself as well, and I promise to not abandon my blog because of work again. Bloggers honour!

I am loving time at home recently but I am working the next few weekends. I’m happy I’m getting a better mix between down time and working.



Climbing Dumyat for CLIC Sargent

Today, 10 children will find out they are living with Cancer, a heartbreaking statistic for anyone to hear. With 4,000 cases a year it is something many adults would no doubt find difficult to cope with, let alone a child, this too often affects the whole family.

Firstly, its said ‘dum-eye-it’ not ‘dum-yat’ which I have been calling it for months, but apparently not. BUT this month I will be climbing Dumyat with the company I work for:- H Samuel, as part of our fundraising efforts for CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent provide necessary help to families who’s children have cancer all over the UK. CLIC Sargent’s mission is to “change what it means to be diagnosed with cancer when you’re young. We believe that children and young people with cancer have the right to the best possible treatment, care, and support, throughout their cancer journey and beyond. And they deserve the best possible chance to make the most of their lives once cancer treatment has ended.

CLIC Sargent provides vital emotional, practical and financial support to young cancer patients and families during and after treatment, and we take what they tell us about the impact of cancer on their lives to service providers and policy makers to help change things for the better.”

As someone from Ayr, near one of the CLIC Sargent retreats in Prestwick, I understand how important this charity is to families coming to grips with this devastating news. Over the festive period I was lucky enough to meet a gorgeous little girl who had survived cancer and had been to the Prestwick retreat with her family. Getting to meet someone who had survived something so horrible and had been so brave hit home to me how important the partnership between Signet (the parent company of H Samuel and Ernest Jones- among others) and this charity really was.

So on the third of July myself and some of my colleagues will be climbing the Dumyat in Stirling to raise money for this incredible charity. I am extremely terrified as I am horribly unfit, however, I know that the knowledge of why I am doing it will get me through the climb.

I have set up a JustGiving page for this climb and would love it if you could donate to such a worthwhile cause. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Why I’ll be voting remain tomorrow

As a politics student, voting is extremely important to me, as I believe it gives everyone a voice and I think it is our responsibility to educate ourselves fully and make an informed decision. As such voting allows us to complain about those in power- whether you voted for them or not- if you choose not to vote, in my opinion, you have no right to say how you feel about the political outcome.

I totally understand people being disillusioned with politicians and the way things are run, but with more young people getting involved politically, it will hopefully make politics more progressive for the country.

The arguments on both sides- for remain and brexit- have been negative and weak, no doubt making a marked difference as to how voters will react towards politicians on both sides after the referendum. I think the brexit arguments especially from UKIP have been extremely racist and ignorant, especially the Farage billboard that looks a little familiar, guess he did Nazi that coming? (I couldn’t resist sorry)

With a rhetoric very similar to that of the Nazi party also, many of the same arguments have almost been copy and pasted from Hitlers own propaganda. The anti-immigration argument has genuinely disgusted me, as a member of a family that has been blessed by immigration, it has truly blown me away as to how anyone can support the hatred of others and turn it into a political tool.

It also makes me laugh that there is even an argument for border controls as currently the United Kingdom is not- and has never been- a member of the Schengen passport-free area, which allows the UK (wait for it….) border controls. This must thoroughly embarrass Nigel Farage as he recently tweeted claiming we did not have any and that exiting the EU would allow this. Awkward…Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 17.32.32

I have met some amazing people thanks to the EU, my supervisor at work is Polish, she works extremely hard and pays tax, as such is not costing the tax payer a penny and is in fact contributing to our economy, and I cannot imagine not having known her. My mum works with many foreign doctors from all around the world who come to this country and save lives and contribute to our economy by paying tax. If you vote in a government who ride the wave of recession on cuts and austerity, that is exactly what you will receive, blaming austerity on refugees and immigration policies is wrong.

I think immigration has blessed this country in many ways and claiming our nation is ‘Great’ is we choose to exit the EU on the basis of immigration is laughable. If we has a brexit argument which was based on genuine statistics and facts, not fear mongering or blaming others for our own issues, I might listen. But the arguments of ‘the money we’ll save will go to the NHS’ coming from the mouths of Conservatives or UKIP members is ridiculous as both parties openly favour privatisation of our beloved NHS.

For decades our country has seen positives come from teaming up with other european countries from World War II up until today as we try to gain positive resolution to our refugee crisis (AND YES IT IS OUR REFUGEE CRISIS). Personally I am a fan of human rights and workers rights and my holiday entitlement, all of which I can thank the EU for imposing on our government and I can bet that if we do leave tomorrow the Conservative government would get rid of all ofthat helping bigger businesses to make more by treating workers worse (thanks for the 0 hours contract though David Cameron and co.).

I would beg you, think of your neighbour, think of all of the hard workers and think of the future of the younger generations when voting tomorrow. Vote for love and acceptance over fear and hatred. If you prefer economic proof- listen to the experts on this one.

I will be voting #bremain tomorrow, will you?


My Summer Must Haves

So with summer officially starting this week and the weather in Scotland being pretty unsure of what it wants to do, I thought I’d share some of my favourite summer trends right now, despite my main attire probably being my work clothes this summer. I love seeing girls totally rocking something different and cute so I thought (despite being in no way a fashionista) I’d give some statement pieces to add to your wardrobe this summer.


If like me you are a jeans and a top sort of girl then dungarees can mix up your look without pushing you too far away from what your used to, they are a total throwback which is cute and with a cute and colourful top underneath them you can rock that casual cute look. This summer they seem to be a big trend with your high street favourites such as Topshop, River Island and Primark selling them, however I have fallen in love with a pair from Marks and Spencer, coming in at £49.50 they are your dark denim skinny ankle grazer dungarees which is a style I am loving right now.


Colourful Biker Jackets

As someone who doesn’t like to change my look very often I have some staple clothing items that I reuse each year, mostly being jackets, however this summer I am planning on investing in a new jacket because of how cute the colourful biker jackets I’m seeing are. Some stores are selling faux leather and some faux suede in this style, it depends on your preference but I am loving the Missguided range of faux suede biker jackets that come in an array of colours all costing just £40 (plus they do student discount!). From your neutral tan, grey and light pink to your eye catching red and green, it depends your style but I think these are a must-have this summer.


I have always found this company to have such an amazing idea behind them and it means I don’t mind spending that little bit more on my shoes, with their one for one promise, it means that for every pair of shoes you buy, someone in need of shoes across the world gets a pair as well. They are also extremely comfortable and so easy to just slip on and off at your leisure; they make for great holiday shoes too because of that reason. Starting at £34.99 you can get these in Schuh or Office or direct from the Toms website and they are a great summer investment- just so comfy!

Quay Australia Sunglasses

Quay Australia are killing it in the sunglasses game, being not only gorgeous but extremely affordable and having some amazing collaborations this year with Youtubers Chrisspy and Desi Perkins they have built up their brand into a household name. ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Topshop are all shops you can get your hands on them in the UK, with a huge range to suit everyone it is no wonder people are desperate to get their hands on them. Starting at £25 and going up to £40 they are a high quality brand with a good price tag.

Print Shorts

I have never liked wearing skirts or dresses so a cute way to dress up your shorts is print shorts, a cute blouse and wedges this summer. It totally mixes up your look and allows you to go from day time to night time just by changing your shoes from flats to wedges-saving room in your suitcase. With most shops having a selection my personal favourites come from boohoo at only £12 which is a steal! I also love the black and white mandala prints for this summer but going for something more floral can brighten up your look if your used to darker colours (I almost live in black and grey).

dzz84359_stone_xl (1)

Tote Bags

As a handbag lover I have been thoroughly enjoying the bright coloured handbags that I have seen, summer always brings out the cute colours for handbags and makes choice almost impossible. But tote bags always come in handy during summer, theres more room for your summer essentials, sunglasses, sun cream and all the other junk handbags seem to gather. I am currently in love with one from Accessorize at £39 because the gorgeous blue colour seem to go with everything and is a colour favourite of mine this season.


Hopefully everyone has an amazing summer, what are your summer must-haves this season? What is your favourite summer style?

Things I’m sick of hearing as a girl who likes football

To celebrate the Euros starting this week, I have decided to write things I am so sick of hearing as a girl who likes football. With the Euros starting this summer I am more than excited to have something to watch over summer as when football isn’t on it spins me into withdrawal symptoms. BUT because I’m a girl often football banter is passed by me, because I am a girl who just shouldn’t know about football.

I am sick of getting the ‘do you know the offside rule’ question

I personally don’t understand what is so difficult about the offside rule, it is pretty simple and I have had to explain it to so many people, girls and boys. I think its crazy that I should have to prove my worthiness to people about how much I know about football, and often once you’ve proven your knowledge they continue to be shocked when you say ‘that was offside’ during a game.

When watching a game being asked where my boyfriend is

This is as if I can only like football if my boyfriend has dragged me there and that I haven’t gone by choice, I have been to many games with family, sometimes I have been with only the male members of my family but I went there by choice because I genuinely enjoy the game and the atmosphere. This often comes with random explanations as to what is happening in the game, WHICH IM AWARE OF.

Getting asked who told me to support the team I support

THIS. UGHHHHH. I support Manchester City and have done for my entire life, because my family are from Manchester and it feels like my home. It is not because a boyfriend of mine forced me to support them, it is because I wanted to support them. I love my team and have a real connection to them, the stadium and Manchester as a whole because of how long I have supported them and no one will ever change that for me.

Being ignored when it comes to football chat

This happens a lot, if I’m with my male friends it is completely likely that any input I have will be ignored because I’m a girl and because it is just believed I won’t know enough to have a good enough laugh about it. This happens so often and even if its not done on purpose, it is so irritating. The only person who takes me seriously when it comes to football banter is my boyfriend who I almost always have a laugh with about football.

Getting quizzed constantly

“Who is your manager now?” “Who was your last manager?” “Who has scored the most goals this season?” the list is endless, I bet guys who say they like football don’t get a quiz on their team and questions to AGAIN prove they like football and actually support their team.


I don’t judge girls who don’t like sports, if your into makeup and Keeping Up with The Kardashians, you do you. BUT I hate hearing “I bet she only likes football to impress boys” because sweetheart, thats not cute. I cannot stand this comment and I hear it all the time, I’m sure my boyfriend enjoys that we share similar interests, but I don’t think he’s with me purely because I enjoy football. I cannot honestly urge to people how much I’ve heard this and I think its so sad that women can’t be more empowering to one another and just let each other live.

Although I adore the game, I cannot stand the constant questioning that girls have to put up with and many men need to learn saying “you’re too pretty to like football” it is annoying as hell, because it shows you think only ugly girls can like sports. Also many men choose to moan if their girlfriend doesn’t like sports. With this post I urge you, don’t be that guy, don’t be that girl, just if someone says they like something, just trust that they aren’t randomly lying about liking something.

Enjoy the Euros this summer too! Try not to be too happy when England lose as well.

My Favourites

I have never done one of these before but last month I had so many things I loved that I felt like I had to write a blog post about my must-haves. I always enjoy seeing these and often they end up being my favourites too!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit- That Glow


I was lucky enough to get this from my wonderful boyfriend as a present for him leaving for 6 months, I had the Jaclyn HillxBecca Champagne Pop highlighter and used it continuously and it was amazing. Switching over to this highlight palette is amazing, with this kit there is a white shade, two pink shades and a brown shade, this mixture of colours allows me to use highlight EVERYWHERE. I use the darker shade on my contour, the pinks on my cheeks with my blush and the white on my nose and cupids bow and it honestly just brightens my face up so much. In my opinion you can never have too much of a highlight. Glow to your hearts content.


642 Tiny Things to Write About


This book is so much fun to go through on a train or on my lunch break, it has trained me to find smaller prompts for my creative writing and it has given me such positive results. I try to write each day but this book almost forces me to and I can get the same prompt from the book and write two different things and often end up writing a story that I genuinely enjoy writing.




This workout app is such a heaven send, it lets you choose the area to work out, fast forward any you don’t want to/can’t do, and it lets you time yourself. I am a very lazy person but recently I have been addicted to this, it also tells you approximately how many calories you’ve burned, and it’s free!! There is the main app, and six additional apps that concentrate on certain areas; Abs & Core, Butt, Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio and Stretching. I have all downloaded and use them all but my favourite is Abs & Core, Butt and Lower Body.


House Of Cards


My boyfriends mum actually told me to watch this after telling her my degree was in Journalism and Politics, and I must say it was one of the best recommendations ever. I was addicted and have finished the show up to the most recent season, I’m desperately waiting on season 5 and can’t wait to have chats with Jordan’s mum and dad about the last season. It is a political thriller with murder, drugs and two amazing central characters who draw you into a love/hate relationship with them.


I Dream Of Shapes 

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to model for this amazing fashion brand by my amazing friend Lucie from Tetris and Cheesecakes. ‘Modelling’ for this company was so fun and I am laughing in most of my pictures purely because modelling with some of the best bloggers I know! This was amazing and I cannot wait to see them more throughout my blogging.




I have always loved Formula 1 and having a partner who loves it too has been so amazing and has really given me more of an insight into the sport, I have missed so much of it this year due to work but have always made sure I have caught up. Usually by the 8th/9th race you can see a pattern in who will win the championship, however this year it has been so close with 18 year old Max Verstappen winning the Spanish Grand Prix and the podium being a mixed bag it has been so much more fun. Lewis Hamilton will always be my favourite as I love the rockstar status he has brought to the sport.


I apologise for the absence from my blog recently, but I have been working so much recently that I have been so tired but luckily I’ve had a few days to relax and chill with family and that has allowed me to concentrate on my blog a bit more. I promise I will get a better routine soon but needing money is the worst!

What were your favourites recently? Do you love any of mine?