How I’ve changed in the past five years

Before I start, yes there will be pictures and yes they will be hilarious to look at.

My life has changed so much in the past few years and I love looking back on it, however, its even better having pictures to show for how I’ve changed personally and physically.

Lets start on my 15th birthday in 2011. I had a geek themed sleepover with a couple of friends which drove my mum mad running around after us all.


Heres a more recent picture of me, it clearly shows the difference between then and now.


Currently I have jet black hair just past my shoulders and do my makeup every single day, I get spots pretty regularly but I take my makeup off every night before bed. I have two jobs and I study at university, I live with my best friend and her boyfriend and have a boyfriend called Jordan who I adore. I am a healthy size 8/10 who walks half way to work everyday and eat a healthy-ish diet.

When I was 15 I had red hair with an undercut I desperately miss (but sadly I will not be going back to that anytime soon) I was a little chubbier but not much has changed, I’m far healthier now than I ever was and have been aiming to continue getting healthier as I get older. I can happily say I have a much better style when it comes to clothing- don’t you just love my black and white splodgy dress for the schools christmas party!


The biggest change in my life has been this little cutiepie, 2011 is when I first met my stepdad and had a fantastic first family holiday in Tunisia, since then there has been another addition to the family. My baby brother Alistair-who is the best at posing- we are inseparable and I love him to pieces.

So much has changed in five years for me which is just crazy looking back on all the times I’ve had, I am so lucky for how my life is now. I am so much more than the person I was in 2011, my confidence has rocketed, I have surrounded myself with people who love me and I have a clear path for my future.


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