The importance of Education to me

Education is something that has always intrigued me, the idea of exams is something that I have always hated, it is always more of a memory test than a test of actual knowledge, I have always studied extremely hard which I am proud of. But I was never happy with any of the grades I got unless it was an A because of all the hard work I put in.

A lot of my time in school was over shadowed by my mental health problems I was experiencing, the depression I had throughout school made everything harder, studying, concentrating and being level headed about things. This became obvious to classmates and teachers when I tore apart some art in art class that I had spent 3 weeks working on and stormed out crying.

This is how my education ended up going, I would study to get away from my depression, but studying would push me further into it. I found school very difficult to cope with a lot of the time and thats not due to a lack of compassion from teachers and counsellors, but due to the pressures I was putting on myself and the isolation I was feeling due to it.

School was not a fun time for me and to be honest I learned more about myself at school than any other time in my life, but I also hated myself throughout school. I do choose to continue to educate myself with my time at university however I think that education is important but only if you are genuinely pursuing education for yourself. Within the education system you are forced to take science and maths, I hate both of those and honestly couldn’t care less about standard deviation or photosynthesis. But I adored learning about politics and psychology in my last year at school, because this is the stuff I genuinely care about but I understand the reason I needed to learn about science and maths. (They were just so boring!!)

I think you can be extraordinarily smart without having any formal education. I think that formal education is good but I don’t think it is necessary for people to get qualifications to be smart and many have extremely successful lives without qualifications.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


I cannot agree more with the above quote, I think that people do better when they study something they love and something they genuinely enjoy. I have been lucky enough to do so by being able to study Journalism and Politics. I think any form of education whether you are educating yourself or in education you are empowering yourself.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

This is another thing I am very vocal about, if anything is to change in the world, then using knowledge is very important. When it comes to topics about change: climate change, world crisis and domestic topics, I always feel like if I want to have a say on things then I should be educated enough on the topic to have a say.

Education is important for so many reasons, but I personally hated my time at school due to personal problems. I have since chosen to educate myself by reading articles, that I both agree and disagree with, books that open new ideologies for me and talking to people and hearing their views too. It is personal how you gain knowledge, whether your addicted to TEDxTalks or whether you like to watch documentaries, it is personal and something that once you have it, can never be taken from you.

(The picture of me at the top is on my prom day with some good friends)


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