15 interesting facts about me

This is kind of difficult to call myself interesting when personally I think I must be really boring. I think the best way to get to know something is through interesting facts about them and I have seen these before by bloggers and loved them.

1- I am a sports fanatic, I love most sports. Football, rugby, F1, olympics and commonwealth and pretty much anything that is on and that I can support a side. I have watched darts for hours before and really enjoyed it, however taking part in sports is a huge no-no for me as I am so uncoordinated.

2- I am a huge art geek, art has always been an escape for me and meeting Peter Howson was an honour that I will never forget. I dragged Jordan to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow for one of our dates, which he wasn’t too impressed with but did it for me.

3-My favourite superhero is without a doubt WonderWoman, I have art up on my wall with her on it and I genuinely find her so empowering. My friends know how important she is to me as they bought me WonderWoman books for my christmas. I also plan on dressing up as her for halloween.

4-Star Wars is by far my favourite movie saga ever. I love it so much because it was groundbreaking for its time and has kept 3 generations of audiences entertained and will no doubt continue to entertain people with the next two films lined up. I see kids as young as 10 come into the store and buy Star Wars products because they loved The Force Awakens which led them to watch the others too.

5- I may have an addiction to lists and writing lists and creating lists for other lists. I create at least 4/5 lists for each blog post and list for my life, every day in my diary theres at least one list. I have a habit of making a list more than once and I think that is because it clears ideas in my mind.

6-I love watching Jane the Virgin for some reason. It is so fun to watch and I love that it had so much drama and fun, with nothing to stress about. I always get so romantic when I watch it which Jordan loves but hates at the same time. Plus the celeb cameos are amazing; Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and Churro!!

7- Most of my paycheck goes on handbags or shoes. My favourite shoes are my black heeled Timberlands which are so comfy and beautiful. My favourite handbag is my nude Dune handbag that Jordan helped me pick.

8-My favourite perfumes are Olympea by Paco Robanne and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I love that they are both such sweet flowery scents and they fit all seasons.

9- I am desperate for a French Bulldog-which I never shut up about- but I just think they’re so adorable and cuddly.

10- My dream job would be to be a Sky Sports News Presenter, because of how much I love sport and journalism it would be a perfect mix of the two.

11- My allergy to coconut came at the worst time possible when the coconut oil craze began. I hate knowing that it can help almost everything and I can’t use it because of allergies.

12- The one thing that always relaxes me when I’m stressed or upset is art, I’m terrible at it but it calms me so much and I love looking at what I create when I’m stressed.

13- This year I plan on learning how to drive, I am so nervous about it that it has stopped me from wanting to learn. I think that having my mum and Jordan will help me with confidence and that will help me with driving. Plus it’s so expensive to get lessons!!

14- I cuddle my massive toy Rottweiler every night that Jordan isn’t home, I have had him ever since I stole him from my cousin Georgia when I was younger. He is by far my favourite cuddly toy ever but I would prefer Jordan.

15- The best part of my job is helping couples to celebrate engagements or weddings and it honestly brings a smile to my face being even a tiny part of these couples lives. I love seeing how happy and in love they are.

Trying to come up with 15 ‘interesting’ facts about myself was pretty difficult and I did end up wracking my brain trying to think of things about me! Hopefully this lets you guys know a little more about me! I’d love to get to know you guys better too, write a few interesting facts about yourself in the comments.


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