Flamingosaurus Rex Grand Opening

I feel bad that this has taken so long to write up but a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing grand opening at Flamingosaurus Rex. The beautiful and talented Lucie from Tetris and Cheesecakes created this wonderful store full of art and amazing one off clothing pieces. It is a haven for art lovers and fashionistas alike and the people who work in the shop are honestly the nicest and sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

Going to this event I was so nervous as this was my first opening event I had ever been to with other bloggers and businesses/creators. I was scared I would not fit in or that I would feel unprofessional as I am relatively new to the blogging world.


Everyone was so nice and sweet to me, with adorable free miniature cupcakes and Prosecco available whenever it was definitely a fun and tasty night. With live music and DJ-ing it was a night of the arts coming together and meeting as one. Meeting one half of the clothing brand that I had modelled for earlier this month was amazing, being told I looked exactly how she had imagined and that she liked the way the pictures came out was so nice to hear, she was honestly a sweetheart and meeting the creator made me want to buy the clothes so much more! Next time I have money I will be back in Edinburgh to clear the walls of the beautiful art on the store walls.


I had an amazing night and I would genuinely advise everyone to go to this gorgeous shop, if not to buy the art, then just to appreciate it and meet some friendly and kind people. Thank you to Lucie again for inviting me and I will be up as soon as I possibly can to buy all her stock.



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