My views on ‘mainstream’ music

As someone with a pretty eclectic music taste, I hate hearing ‘pop is rubbish’ or ‘rock is rubbish’ or that people are mainstream or weird. I have a genuine love of music but for me at the end of the day, as long as the lyrics have some sort of genuine meaning or if the song is catchy I will probably like it. There isn’t much I don’t like really.

I am a vocal hater of snobbery of any kind, whether you are a food snob, movie snob or music snob, its not cute. Stop it. People are different, I cannot stand avocado but my flatmate likes it, I do not call her ‘basic’ because she likes avocado. I love dark action films however my mother loves romance films, I do not call her ‘stupid’ for that because she is a different person with different preferences. I honestly do not understand why there is so much snobbery in music, I personally do not like certain artists because of their views and opinions, some because of their songs and some artists I just don’t enjoy at all.

An artist I do not like, do not agree with and whose music I pretty much cannot stand without wanting to vomit is Meghan Trainor, I feel like she is not a good role model with her comments about mental health problems, feminism and a lot of her music going against a lot of things that I believe in. However, I know people who love her music and think she is an amazing role model and I am okay with that because, heres the bit most people don’t get, we are different people. It does not physically or mentally cause me any harm that people like her other than confusing me a little, but everyone is entitled to an opinion and it should be respected.

I do love artists who write or at least help to write their own music, I usually find that there is more of a passion when singing as it has a meaning behind it and I connect really well with passionate and meaningful performances. I also connect with artists who use their fame, power and influence to educate and inform in order to help others not as fortunate as them, Demi Lovato is someone whose music I don’t listen to regularly however I have the upmost respect for her due to her mission to help inform people about mental health problems using her personal struggles as examples.

In my phone currently I have Bring Me The Horizon and Rihanna next to One Direction and Catfish and the Bottlemen next to Carrie Underwood and Drake, so I do truly enjoy most genres of music, I think in order for me to really feel a connection the person has to enjoy singing the song or feel a connection to the song, for me being catchy and upbeat is just a nice positive. I know a lot of people won’t necessarily agree with me and will be like ‘you don’t like hardcore rock’ or ‘you don’t like progressive dance anthems’ but at the end of the day if I listened to it I would probably enjoy it.


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