The highs and lows of my past year

Firstly, I’d like to apologise that I am not doing great with my blog every day in May, being on my twelfth blog post in this series whilst on the 18th of May! Not doing a great job at keeping up really. I’m going to try to keep up better from now on and I promise I will get 30 out even if it takes me to the middle of June.

The past year has changed me a lot and I am so glad it has, this time last year I was a very unhappy person, in a dysfunctional relationship, unemployed- with no real hope of getting employed any time soon and in the middle of a huge family break down. Looking back at this year holds a lot of pain and I was really unsure as to whether to write this because I didn’t want to hurt anyone, and didn’t know if I was truly ready to talk about it openly. This blog and I have been through a lot and I feel like my readers know me pretty well that they deserve to be clued up on my life.

This past year has almost forced me to grow up, I lost family members due to the family break down which hurt me a lot and I know I am not necessarily innocent in the situation but it forced me to take off the rose tinted glasses you have when your a kid. It made me realise that I am a strong person who should be respected which I really didn’t think before the family break down. I feel like this horrible situation made me really realise who I was taking for granted in my family and I have started enjoying my time with them more knowing how much they support me. It also brought me and my mum closer together as I matured and started to understand her side of things a bit better, she also helped support me through times where I was really low.

One huge high in my life is my boyfriend, we have known each other for a year and flirted for a majority of that time but we have been together almost four months now which has really helped me, he is so supportive and loving (which I say all the time but he really is!) and it is with his support that my confidence in all areas has grown. He is like a dream come true for me and I can happily say I am very very lucky to have the relationship I do with so much mutual respect and love. He has helped me through a lot and puts me first whenever he can which puts my mind at ease if I’m worried or upset about something.

I got not one, but two jobs this year. Which honestly I was more shocked than my mum was, I work at H Samuel and used to work in McDonald’s which was fun but sadly I had to quit because it was too much to be working while at university, however over summer I will be working at H Samuel and the bowling alley in Stirling. I just recently started at the bowling which has been so fun and rewarding, I have enjoyed my time there and I love the atmosphere while I work there. I have loved earning money and having that little bit of independence from my parents, although both my mum and step dad give me money when they see me-cause I’m spoilt.

Another thing thats changed is that I bought myself glasses, pretty Dolce and Gabbana glasses (which were expensive but so worth it) they have honestly stopped me being worried I look bad with glasses because they are so beautiful. They are a silver and black version of tortoise shell along the legs with the famous DG on the legs as well, similar to the wayfarer style with a hint of cateye to make me look like I have big eyes. I can finally see which is great, thanks to Optical Express in Stirling.

I moved out of student accommodation and moved in with my best friend which has been fun, if not a little daunting. Moving out was so scary but when she said she had found a flat for us I was so excited and it is big, cheap and cosy now that I’ve finally made it home for me. I only just put pictures and art up on my walls this week because I had just never got around to it, but now its up I feel a little more at home. Living with my best friend over summer is pretty exciting because it’ll just be us so we can do what we want, when we want and we are both hoping to do a little more to get healthy- although I doubt I’ll do very well with my chocolate and energy drink addiction.

This past year my changes have been pretty positive changes for me with lows that gave me good personal achievements that I needed. Things will always change and we do need these lows in order to really enjoy the highs, my highs might be a little boring but I really cherish where my life is at right now. I love that I have taken blogging more seriously and it has really helped me grow as a writer and a person. I can safely say I love my life right now.



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