Where would you like to visit/live one day?

I am a very ambitious person and I have always wanted to travel the world, the most fascinating place to me when I was younger was Egypt. I visited when I was 13, after years of begging and that was a life goal I fulfilled and something I will honestly never forget.

My future aspirations for travel is pretty vast, I would like to visit most European cities by the end of my 20’s. I adore learning about different cultures and lifestyles- hence why I love Egypt. Top of my list is Paris, Madrid and Rome purely to get these off my bucket list. I find that I am attracted to countries with a vast and rich history as a history geek, I really want to see all the beauty that I’ve read about and learnt about throughout my school years.

As well as all these amazing cities I would love some beach breaks and have a list that I would love to go to, Thailand, Peru and Turks and Caicos. All three are quite calm and peaceful places that are serene and would hopefully get me out of work mode and let me relax a little from life. I’ve looked at prices and I think that this might come in my 30’s or 40’s, perfect time to get away from work in my opinion.

A huge reason I want to go to Turks and Caicos because one of my favourite Youtubers got the chance to go there and had the best Youtube video ever from it. It gave me serious holiday envy, it is such an amazing video and I would urge everyone to watch it. It looks amazing and is rumoured to be the hideout of many celebrities due to its privacy and beauty.

I would love to live in England preferably Manchester- because that’s where home is for me-plus I’d get to watch all the football I want with my team being in Manchester. It would also allow me and Jordan to be closer to his family in London and not too far from Stirling either, its a happy medium. If I’m not in England I think somewhere like Edinburgh would be amazing for me and Jordan as it has so many gluten free places to go and is such a buzzing vibrant city to be in for my blogging career.

I love Canada as well, but that is a distant possibility, I just love the country and the current president- a lot. So if I got the opportunity to move to Canada I probably would, because I love the way the country is moving, in such a positive and forward thinking way.


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