My life in 10 songs

This was quite fun and enjoyable to do, if not quite difficult, I have always enjoyed listening to music and have always felt like it was a huge part of my life, so here goes:

Luther Vandross- Ain’t no stopping us now

This would be for my mum, her love for RnB as I grew  up had real influence on my future music preferences. I have fond memories with my mum and this song. Once at a car boot sale with the £1 pocket money she gave me I bought her a Luther Vandross CD- that she still has- and we sang this song in the car all the time.

Whitney Houston- I wanna dance with somebody

As a really young girl I can remember being in the kitchen of my first house with my mum and her singing this song to me as we danced together. Its something I always hold close to me, whenever I miss my mum while I’m at university. I remember times like this and they cheer me up so much. I know she will have these memories with Alistair too.

S Club 7- Bring it all back

My first ever gig I went to with my mum was S Club 7 and it was such an exciting time for me, it was such a good time for me, I felt like such a grown up despite being very young still. My mum probably hated them at the time but she put up with it for me. Plus I got to relive my youth when Bradley and Tina-my two favourites- came to my university during freshers week and it was seriously the best night of my life.

Elvis Presley- Can’t help falling in love

I was the weirdest child, I loved Elvis’ music so much, I used to collect his records, movies and memorabilia, anything I could get my hands on about the King. This song means so much to me because my grandad used to sing it to me when I was little knowing I loved Elvis. I have always wanted it to be my first dance song at my wedding as a nod to my love of Elvis when I was younger.

Busted- Who’s David

I remember just being so mad when I was younger at someone cheating on me and singing this with such conviction despite only being like 10 or something. This song is one of my favourites to study to because of how chilled and calming it is for me. I also feel like it helped me get through a lot as I got older with me choosing to listen to it when I was down throughout my teens.

McFly- Room on the third floor

McFly got me through Busted breaking up- which was very difficult for me as a kid- but this song was my favourite song ever because of how different it was and I knew every word to every song on their first album. Somehow I still know all the words which is like a weird talent to have after not really listening to their first album for a few years.

Mayday Parade- Miserable at best

This represents my emo phase of life where I loved all the music my friends liked too, but this band was always MY band that I liked and genuinely wanted to listen to, throughout my younger teens I would listen to screamo just to impress people and tell people I loved certain bands when I really didn’t. But Mayday parade I loved and when I saw them live I really enjoyed myself and have always remembered this gig as I grew up.

Ne-Yo- Miss independent

When I was younger I loved this song, it really spoke to me as a child brought up by a single mother who was independent and only relied on herself to get by. I always wanted to be independent and be able to look after myself just like my mum was. So whenever I am tired of working hard I listen to this song and feel so much better and remember that I am working this hard for a reason and that its all worth it in the end. This highlights my ambitious side I think that this song speaks to me so much, I’ve always wanted people to respect me for my ambition and intellect rather than looks or style.

Taylor Swift- Mean

Throughout school I got picked on a lot and was brought up with country music, so this song really spoke to me. It was about being picked on and overcoming it by being a better person than those who bully others. It also started my passion for country music which is something I have to hide from people a lot because some country music is really weird but I really enjoy it. I loved country Taylor Swift but I also like pop Taylor too but I think because she was a pop/country singer it helped my transition into country music too.

Arctic Monkeys- From the ritz to the rubble

This would be where I am now, I love the Arctic Monkeys, having drawn them in art for my Higher art at school I was pretty sick of seeing their faces, however, that year I saw them twice in the space of a few months and had the most amazing time both nights. It was such an amazing experience for me to see my favourite band live, however they didn’t sing one of my favourite songs, but I’m sure I’ll see them play it live one day.

This was so fun to do but really difficult to think of just 10. I think music is really important to me and my life because of all the memories that it reminds me of as well. If you could choose 10 songs to describe your life what would they be?


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