My guilty pleasures

I have so many guilty pleasures its quite worrying, when trying to think of a main one I just couldn’t so I cut it down to the main ones and categorised them. I have TV and film, clothes, makeup and food as my main categories. I would have put music in but that would have just been my entire playlist on my iPhone.

TV and film 

I adore masterchef and celebrity masterchef and masterchef the professionals and masterchef from different countries, I have always watched it with my mum ever since I can remember. I hope this is something the whole of Britain does, because me and my flatmates religiously watch it together- but that could be us being weird. I love that I can sit with my chicken nuggets and sit and slate a meal that I would happily pay top money for in a restaurant. Its so fun to choose a favourite and usually once a series is over I promise myself that I will start to eat better and healthier by cooking from scratch, but I’m too lazy.

My film guilty pleasure has got to be Fight Club or Pulp Fiction, on our first date I made Jordan watch Pulp Fiction and forced him to listen to me recite Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘say what again’ speech- I’m guessing thats why I’m his girlfriend now, he seemed extremely impressed. Fight Club has always been one of my favourites-much to my mums dismay- and I love the plot, the way its shot and amazing characters, not to mention the star studded cast.


Just ask anyone in my life they will tell you that my (pretty obvious) guilty pleasure clothing wise is my ‘just do it’ Nike leggings-which I am wearing while writing this! These are both comfy and cute which is like my go-to look ‘comfy chic’ I don’t honestly know why but I feel like they make me look slimmer and I feel so confident in them. They are just my favourite things to wear, but I think my friends and family are sick of them.


This is something everyone no doubt already knows as well but Heroine by Mac, a bright purple lipstick, is something that I love wearing at any possible opportunity. It doesn’t go with anything at all really but it does really give a hardcore edge to my otherwise pretty boring look. I enjoy using it so much and think that it is so pretty but I haven’t worn it in ages and that upsets me quite a lot.


Raspberry sorbet is the most delicious and refreshing thing to eat ever, it is so sweet and I love raspberry anything so it is a winner for me. The Sainsbury’s raspberry sorbet is the best by far although Aldi is a close second. It is pretty expensive but it is so good, it is so amazing because it is so summery and with it being bright pink it makes me feel all girly and cute.

These are my guilty pleasures, which I love and am a little bit addicted to. What would you say your guilty pleasures be?


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