If I could have any job in the world, what would it be? 

When I was 7 I would’ve told you I was going to write books, at 15 I would’ve said a journalist, last year I would’ve told you a blogger but honestly I don’t know, I think I’ve told Jordan a million different jobs that I want in the time we’ve been together. I know that I am doing the right course at university because I am enjoying it so much- although I might just be saying that because exams are finished. 

Right now working at H Samuel is really fun and I love having targets to push me to do well, my competitive side also really enjoys this job. But I don’t see myself there in 5 years time, but I don’t honestly know where I do see myself in 5 years. My main hope is that I have a graduate job that keeps me comfortable and that I enjoy doing. 

My dream job would be to be a blogger, not like I am now, like a well established blogger with a following, since I started taking my blog more seriously I have began to love it more. This past year my blog has become one of the more important things to me, I enjoy writing and truly believe my writing has improved through writing consistently and not just for university. Especially writing every day for a month, it has really helped my writing and my confidence. I have loved seeing my readership grow and feel genuinely blessed that people want to read what I’ve written. 

If I am not the blogging queen I hope to be, I think I would do quite well in politics or advertising, one giving me the possibility to help people and the other allowing me to be creative at work. 

I’ve enjoyed my time at university and with two years left to decide what I want to do with my future, no doubt my job ideas will change as these next two years pass. I do look forward to what I will end up doing when the time comes to graduation but I hope I help people or do something creative, or both! 

I know I will no doubt be blogging the entire time so get excited with me because no doubt you will all be reading along with me changing my mind a lot. 


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