My life right now

Being asked about when I was the most satisfied with my life is such an easy question for me to answer because it would be right now. I am so happy and comfortable with how my life is at the moment, I have a gorgeous flat, an amazing boyfriend, two jobs that I genuinely enjoy working at, family that actually care about me and some amazing friends who love and support me.

I am so satisfied with everything in my life at the moment, I do miss Jordan terribly while he is away in Aviemore and the distance can get really difficult when I’m feeling down or need to see him, but we are getting through it really well. I think we are a pretty good couple seeing as we have gotten through so much time apart so fast into our relationship. He is incredibly supportive of me and the things I do and my goals in life, he always listens to my aims and gives me adorable pep talks when I need them too. I can honestly say I am so content with my love life.

I know for a fact that my time at school was not the happiest and I am so glad that time of my life is over as I found the whole experience really difficult whilst trying to battle my depression alone. I have some amazing friends from school that I know will be my friends no matter what, but I think I went through a really dark time and just pushed people away in the worst possible way. I was also having some really difficult family problems at the time which did span a good few years but I can happily say those are over now and my family life is amazingly strong with all my family being very loving and supportive toward each other.

A huge part of my life-whether I like it or not- is my work, I have become somewhat of a workaholic over the past year and actually really enjoy getting up and going to work daily, it is something that I think I am really good at and genuinely really enjoy doing. My two jobs are completely different, I work in a jewellers and in a bowling alley, one I have to be really professional and on point all the time and the other is like hanging out with your friends and being nice to people as they have a good time. I am so thankful that I have two jobs as I hate asking people for money and would hate to just take money from my hard working mum without actually trying to look after myself at all. Once I got the taste of independence I was hooked.

My flat is pretty amazing to be honest, its £300 a month for me and my flatmate and its a huge flat, with such spacious bedrooms and a huge living room, the kitchen could be redone but thats a minor problem, with landlords that are pretty nice when they want to be. I have kind of become attached to my bedroom but I am still looking forward to living with Jordan next year.

Another thing that made me choose my life right now would be that, I have just chosen my modules for my third year at university, I will be moving in with my boyfriend next year, I am going to start learning to drive and my blog seems to have some sort of audience other than my mum and my boyfriend, my future looks really good at the moment and thats a huge part of my life. As an organisational/planning freak I love knowing whats coming next in my life and honestly knowing that I have so much set up for the next year makes me really excited for what’s ahead.

My little brother is also learning all sorts of new things- despite being a little terror- and that is so amazing to watch and be part of because of how important he is to me. He hasn’t quite mastered saying my name yet but can say just about anyone else’s name just to annoy me. He is changing so much into a proper little boy instead of a toddler and he is constantly reminding me of how much I wish he could’ve stayed in that baby phase forever.

I am so happy and satisfied with my life right now and honestly wouldn’t change a thing about it, my life has ended up so much better than I could ever have hoped for and I am so happy with how things are going for me.


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