Nando’s new menu

As a lover of good food, it is no wonder I am a big fan of Nando’s. With their current popularity hitting the right notes with all ages, but this company does not plan on being the same old thing every time you walk through the door. With menu changes twice a year to fit the seasons and their ever growing fan base they are making real positive movements with their approach to food.

With just six days until their new menu is available in stores across the UK, Nando’s Stirling were kind enough to invite myself and Katie from to go down and try their new menu and get some feedback. The feedback was all good.

The Fino platter is amazing for all of those who care about their health but still enjoy eating out in restaurants. With The Peak Gym just around the corner it is perfect for just after a work out session with a whole chicken with your choice of spice on it, and five amazingly healthy sides. The chicken was- as always- gorgeous but the sides really stole the show, with sweet potato wedges, sweetcorn with a spicy butter, coleslaw, roasted vegetables in a tomato sauce and super beans in an avocado and butter milk dressing all this for £23.95.


I am a huge fan of sweet potato and the crisp outsides with fluffy and tasty insides was the perfect accompaniment to the hot chicken, the spicy butter on the corn on the cob was such a great twist on a loved classic. I love coleslaw and this is the healthiest tasting coleslaw I’ve ever had, it was very salad like with the veg only slightly dressed. The roasted vegetable in tomato sauce was so rich and sweet with onions and peppers and tomato all roasted together to make a roasted salad. The super beans with avocado and butter milk dressing are super healthy with great protein and fibre in them with the added taste of avocado which has become a huge favourite with those in their 20’s.

To go with this amazing meal was a gorgeous summer spritzer’s, that cost only £9.95 for a pitcher, which we got to sample rosé wine with sprite, mint, lemon and frozen raspberries- which act as ice cubes- and white wine with sprite, mint, lemon and frozen lime. I honestly loved the rosé spritzer and it totally went well with the summery menu change too. I wish they sold these in bottles so I could sit and drink this in the sun in my garden.

Once you have eaten your way through a whole chicken and gotten a little tipsy on the wine spritzer the new puddings are waiting to fill that little gap you have left and sober you up a bit. There are two new brownies being launched, chocolate and chilli and salted caramel, both very individual in taste, the chocolate and chilli one gives a gooey chocolate-y taste with a chilli kick after a few bites, whereas the salted caramel has a rich gooey taste with a sweet topping of salted caramel sauce was my favourite out of the two. Each brownie costs only £2.45 which I will definitely be getting at least two each time!

They are also bringing out their first ice cream which is honestly to die for, if you don’t like chicken, I beg you to go to Nando’s just for their vanilla ice cream. It is so smooth and rich with a delicious vanilla taste that puts any other vanilla ice cream I’ve had to shame. They have also bought out a new coconut gelato however due to me being allergic to it I couldn’t try it despite being desperate to- near death doesn’t look too good on me really.

A huge thank you to Nando’s Stirling again for having us and letting us try their delicious new menu, which I’m sure will be a huge hit as it is such good value for money. This new menu will be in stores across the UK on the 17th of May, so get your friends and get down to Nando’s to try the new menu as soon as you can.


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