Does my zodiac sign fit me as a person

If I am bored with nothing to do or I am simply procrastinating I will look up my zodiac sign and have a little giggle at how correct/incorrect it actually is. I do not live my life by zodiac signs but I do enjoy when they get it right or say something that is totally the way I act. (I should probably admit here that I always look at Jordan’s star sign too and have done compatibility googles, I am slightly ashamed of the latter)

So I decided to look up what my zodiac sign actually meant, I was born 20th of September and therefore I am a virgo. All my information is from in the virgo section. According to them my main strengths are that I am analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise, I don’t think I am very analytical but I do like to know facts and figures about certain things so possibly, observant is one that I definitely am because I notice a lot of things around me where ever I go. I am always at least 10 minutes early to work so you could call my reliable and I like things to be the way I like them so precise would fit too but I don’t know about helpful thats something you’d need to ask someone else.

The weaknesses the website gave me are spot on though, skeptical, fussy, inflexible, cold and interfering. A lot of the time I am very skeptical of people but that also comes with my job in a jewellers as you have to be a bit pessimistic about people to ensure we don’t have anything stolen. Fussy is one my mum can vouch for as I am horribly fussy with food, clothes, makeup, organisation and pretty much everything else. Being inflexible is one I would really describe myself as naturally but due to having two jobs there is only a small amount of time when I’m not working to make plans with people so that is currently pretty true. I can come off as pretty cold to people as I don’t really have a lot of time for people who consistently complain and moan about the way things are for them as I aim to look more positively at my life and this sort of negativity is something I aim to avoid, and interfering is something I definitely can be, but this is only because I try to help people if I think I know the best way to help a situation.

One thing I have noticed within my own family anyways is that all the virgo’s I know are very pernickety and like things in certain order with organisation and cleanliness as a main priority, as I have gotten older I have realised that this has quickly become something I also share with them as whenever Jordan temporarily moves in on his time off, if he moves things in my wardrobe I have to put them back where they belong. My favourite thing to do is to organise things and bin things I don’t need in order to gain more room in my bedroom too. I also clean my flat a lot and organise things the way they should be which is an added bonus for my flatmates.

Being friends with a virgo is apparently good because they are truthful, loyal and determined and I really hope that is true. I do my best to be loyal to my friends and I always do my best to be honest with them about things, they are also straight talkers which is true and my friends will be able to agree that I am a pretty straight talker, if something annoys me I usually want to talk about it rather than keep it bottled up.

Reading about dating a virgo makes me worry for Jordan if its true, apparently my exterior I seem timid and cold and inside I am strong and passionate but I don’t believe that for a second. Looking at our first date for example, I spoke a lot- because of nerves- and so was not cold or timid towards Jordan so I cannot imagine how that could be true for me. I would agree that when I love someone I love them a lot and I am very devoted to making them as happy as I possibly can but I don’t really agree with the rest.

I am pretty happy being a virgo with a organisational mind and a fussy and pernickety personality, I love my friends and family and I know that I am more than just a horoscope but it is fun to read and see what similarities I have with it.

(Jordan is capricorn by the way, and we have very high compatibility according to

What is your star sign? Do you relate to it at all?


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