What are your favourite comfort foods and why?

Comfort foods are something I don’t really get much of at the moment, with two jobs keeping me busy and living away from home I will eat whatever is quick and easy to get me through the day. I am very much an eat to live sort of person and I am really not a fan of cooking or the dishes a hugely lavish meal can create. But whenever I do go home I love to hassle my mum into making my three favourite meals, as she never gets to see me and I do truly deserve it.

I swear these things totally just make me think of home and whenever I am home I cannot wait for my mum to ask what I want for dinner because she know’s I’ll have a menu set out for her. My number one thing is my mums macaroni cheese, this is something I always beg to have huge amounts made of so I can bring loads to my flat to eat for days. I’ve made my own macaroni cheese but its just not the same as my mums no matter how hard I try, I also love adding little bacon bits to my macaroni cheese and just enjoying little bits of saltiness in the smooth cheesiness. I think this is pretty much everyones comfort food though because I know so many people who love macaroni cheese as a little comfort when they’re home.

My other main favourite would be my mums version of a chicken cacciatore which honestly gives me life. I beg for it every time I’m home because it is honestly just the tastiest thing ever and it sounds like ‘catch a tory’ which makes me laugh a lot because I’m really immature. There are so many recipes online for you to try and check out and it honestly is so worth trying. I am a huge lover of Italian food (as you’ve probably noticed) and when my mum first tried this three years ago it became a family favourite and totally replaced the Sunday dinner- as I don’t really eat many red meats. With a rich and herby tomato sauce and chicken thighs with crispy skin, accompanied by pasta of your choice, our usual is fusilli, and garlic bread it isn’t exactly the healthiest meal ever. My favourite part of this meal is when I have just carrots and tomato left with the sauce and can soak it up with garlic bread, although you’d be lucky to get any garlic bread in my house with four addicts to it. This is also a favourite of my two year old brother who is such a picky eater and when he first had this he wolfed it down- which in my opinion shows my mum should always make it when I’m home from now on.

My last comfort food is chicken and rice soup, my mum used to always make this on a Saturday from leftover chicken and rice from Fridays dinner, whilst I watched the football so it became somewhat of a ritual for me to eat whilst my football team played and hopefully won. It is another thing I often ask for her to make crates of as I love having it in work and whilst I’m studying at university. It is just such a gorgeous dish and makes me think of family and football- two of my favourite things. I also always got this made for me when I was ill throughout my life and it always has connotations with making me feel better. I think because it’s a soup it totally warms me and makes me feel so much better when I’m down or if I haven’t eaten that healthily for a while.

With comfort food I think it is all about the memories instead of the actual food, all of my comfort foods have memories that I hold close associated with them which makes them even better when I eat them. Moving out of my house made me realise how amazing my mums home cooking really was and how much I miss it now I don’t live at home but hopefully I can make some more memories with food and have new comfort foods that I can make myself.

Whilst writing this I actually put an order in to the restaurant of mum to beg for some chicken and rice soup for when I’m home because I’m craving it so badly after writing this out.

What is your comfort food? Do you have memories attached to yours too?


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