My views on religion

I am not a fan of writing about controversial topics as I can sometimes be very opinionated and stubborn- which I completely admit. My blog is not a place I would choose to push my personal ideas and beliefs onto others and would never try to force others to think the same way as I do.

My views on religion are rudimentary at best, I have a lot of respect for those with strong religious beliefs because I don’t think I could have that level of faith, however I do not have any time at all for those who use parts of religious script to push their own agenda, and this is something I am seeing more of as I grow up. A huge part of me as a person is to accept everyone no matter who they are, what they do, what they look like and who they love, whether or not I agree with them and their beliefs or not. The idea that if I believe in one type of god I must hate other humans based on an aspect of them is just totally wrong in my opinion and I find it impossible to ignore in most religions.

I cannot believe that a god- of any kind- would make something so huge, like the human race, and hope that we would kill each other, hurt each other, hate each other and use one another for personal gain. I also don’t believe that anyone should kill in the name of a god because I would hate anyone to kill another person in my name, and I doubt a god would be okay with it either as they apparently made us all EQUAL. I cannot imagine the goal of any god was for huge inequality on so many levels, health, education, safety, wealth and lifestyle, it just seems mind boggling that people perpetuate this in the name of a god. To me it’s like having a whole bunch of children and hoping they will hurt each other and hate one another, it just doesn’t make sense.

One thing I do like about religion is when it brings people together and preaches love and acceptance no matter what. I love picking out nice parts of religions and aim to live my life through positive action and reaction. I have always loved learning about religion and as a child was lucky enough that my mother was very open and let me learn about all different religions. She supported me in any religion I chose to follow however I have chose to abstain from religion totally and am purely a bystander.

This part of my personality has always been important to me as I told my (pretty religious) grandparents at a very young age I didn’t believe a god would hate someone for who they love or what colour their skin is, and I shocked them a little when I told them I didn’t want to be religious at all.

Having friends and family with different religious views is so amazing because I get to enjoy things like eid, christmas and diwali and not feel like I should be judged. I understand why religion is so important to people and I honestly do enjoy seeing people who have a very spiritual belief in a god and I totally respect them and love hearing about their beliefs. I just can’t remove that negative part of religion and for me it is important to not hate others based on something that may or may not exist.

I will leave you with a little quote from Julian Casablancas:

Religion is never the problem; it’s the people who use it to gain power.

Thank you for reading my very ranty post, what do you think about religion? Do you follow one? If so what do you love about it?


One thought on “My views on religion

  1. olman21 says:

    You ask what I think about religion. Everyone sooner or later knows he has been mistaken or has done something wrong. If so, he may also be mistaken about God or may have to bear consequences for his wrongdoing. Either there is a god or there isn’t. The Bible says (Hebrews 11:6) “Anyone who comes to God must believe that God exists and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” I believe that but I may be mistaken. However if I am mistaken, I am no better or no worse off than those who say there is no god. If I am right, I have lived a life free of fear and full of joy and peace and am assured of a blessed eternal existence with that God.
    What has someone gained who doesn’t know that God? How is his present life better than mine? But what if he is mistaken and the God of the Bible really does exist? He can’t imagine the joy and peace that I have and can have no hope for tomorrow. I suggest he study the Bible to see how dire his situation and learn the now way to escape.
    I’ve had dealings with people from more than 60 countries and i have learned that there are really only two religions: (A) the do-it-yourself kind and (B) the one you get free. With A, you never know if you have done the right thing or enough. And if your conscience tells you that you have done something wrong, you never know what will even the score. And you see no possibility for improvement in eternity but can’t deny the possibility of a frightful endless existence.
    With B, you can enjoy all the rich benefits that come with the gift in this life, and you can love the One who gave you the gifts. And when you realize that you have done something against the God that you love, you know He can freely forgive you because the penalty for that wrongdoing has already been paid. “The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord,” Romans 6:23

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