Where would I like to be in ten years

I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life from a very young age, my future has always been very important to me as I have always aimed to be successful. Not only for myself but for my family, my mum has always been a really hard worker and did her best to support me as a single mother. So I want to repay her for all the hard work that she’s done and give her a life of relaxation with no worries about debts or anything.

So in ten years, where do I see myself? That is a tough question, hopefully I’ll be settled down, with Jordan in my life now it is difficult to imagine my life without him and so in ten years I would like to be engaged and settled down in a cute flat with him saving for our house or just having got our first house together. I’ll be finished university and would like to have a graduate job either in advertising or politics somewhere, making good money while doing something I enjoy.

I’d love to have two dogs, one French Bulldog- which would be mine- and Jordan with his big ‘man’ dog as he claims French Bulldogs are too ‘yappy’ for him which hurts my heart every time. I would love to live in Edinburgh or Manchester with Jordan hopefully just outside the city so its easy for him to get to his work and close enough to the city so I can get to work easy too.

I would love to have my licence and a car that is fully paid off, I am currently looking to start learning to drive and hoping that I will have learned before my 21st and have a car bought by my birthday. I hope that this makes things easier for me to get to and from work and to travel home to see my family more regularly.

My little brother will be 12 in 10 years time, so hopefully he’s happy and enjoys school, I won’t be pushy about things like exams because my mum never was and I understand the stress that exams can put on children and young adults, but I hope he turns to me for help and advice. I hope he is smart but that is not the be all and end all of life as long as he finds something he enjoys doing, I know for a fact he won’t be too troublesome because of the way my mum is, she just wouldn’t allow that. I hope me and him are still as close as we are now and that he stays at his cool big sisters regularly, because I adore looking after him whenever I get the chance.

I want to be stable and happy most of all, I am one of those people who doesn’t handle instability very well and to be honest I cannot wait till me and Jordan are moved in together. Plus we’ve been to IKEA and have chosen our first houses kitchen so I’m counting down the days till I get it.

I hope I still blog about my life and whats going on, because I love looking back on my life through my blog, I also love the people I’ve met through the blogging community (the ScotGalGang for example), they have really helped me with my confidence and I’ve enjoyed blogging more too. I hope that my blog is doing well too because it means so much to me to know people read my blog and the more the better.

I think in 10 years time I will be settled and ready for my thirties, I am excited to see where I end up and love that I have my blog readers with me to enjoy the ride.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? What are you most looking forward to?


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