My top five pet peeves

I am such a pernickety person so a lot can annoy me, but I’ve got to try to whittle them down to my top five. I love my own company and usually people who know me know what I like and don’t like. But working with the public can sometimes strain things a bit some people help me realise what my pet peeves really are.

1- People who are unnecessarily rude

This was one that came to show over the christmas period, in my work on certain days we don’t do returns, not because we refuse to, but because we physically cant do them; it actually says it on the receipts at christmas time when you can come in for returns and exchanges or links being taken out etc. However some people don’t like this and I have had people scream abuse at me for this when I’m simply doing my job. I love working in retail however many do not have much time or respect for retail workers. But there is the other side of it, when I go shopping and end up getting the rudest and grumpiest sales assistant when I’ve been lovely to them.

2- When people ruin films or TV programmes

Anyone will tell you I love my movies and love knowing about actors and having my little notes on how well they did in a part, however, one thing I hate  is when someone purposely ruins a movie or a tv programme just to upset someone. This happened to me when I was watching gossip girl, a person on snapchat decided to tell me who it was. I already knew who it was because this was two years after it first finished, but my flatmate was so annoyed because this person tried to ruin it for me. It is worse for films in my opinion, this became so annoying for me when Star Wars: The Force Awakens as I saw this at midnight the opening night and so was one of the first to see it, but in the weeks after all I saw were spoilers which annoyed me as I was about to take my mum to go see it for a girls night out.

3- Loud people

This can be people eating loudly, speaking (overly) loudly and breathing loudly, I don’t know why but it really infuriates me when I’m sitting next to someone and I can physically hear them being alive. This is one thing that I do often have to ignore especially on public transport, thats why I don’t leave the house without my headphones just in case, but poor William (my best friend and best friends boyfriend) he breathes really heavily and whenever we are doing anything both myself and Lisa can’t help but scream at him when its really loud. It is something that I can’t help and I’m pretty sure I read that its an actual condition to find that annoying. Its so much worse if I can hear someone chewing gum as well because that is just really dirty and unnecessary.

4- The ‘I’m not ____ BUT’ saying

I cannot stand people using the ‘I’m not ____ BUT’ saying because most of the time if you feel the need to clarify then you probably already know you are. It’s always followed by a horrendously offensive comment that will hurt someone or just sound ridiculous, so whenever anyone says that I like them to just finish before the ‘BUT’. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, also don’t ever say ‘no offence’ after you’ve said something horribly offensive, it makes you look like a bigger idiot than you already do after openly offending someone.

5- People who interrupt others when they are talking

This is something that I cannot stand seeing, when someone is talking and next thing you know someone- usually Mr Limelight- has changed the conversation onto something about them. I always feel so bad for the person who was talking first because doing that just discredits them and what they wanted to talk about and usually has horrible effects on confidence when talking in the group. I usually notice that this person doesn’t talk much after and I just hate seeing that one mindless act hurt another so much. Also I hate being interrupted and usually go ‘ANYWAY’ really loud and continue my conversation.

These are my top five pet peeves, what annoys you a lot? Do you confront it or just ignore it?


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