How I’ve changed in the past five years

Before I start, yes there will be pictures and yes they will be hilarious to look at.

My life has changed so much in the past few years and I love looking back on it, however, its even better having pictures to show for how I’ve changed personally and physically.

Lets start on my 15th birthday in 2011. I had a geek themed sleepover with a couple of friends which drove my mum mad running around after us all.


Heres a more recent picture of me, it clearly shows the difference between then and now.


Currently I have jet black hair just past my shoulders and do my makeup every single day, I get spots pretty regularly but I take my makeup off every night before bed. I have two jobs and I study at university, I live with my best friend and her boyfriend and have a boyfriend called Jordan who I adore. I am a healthy size 8/10 who walks half way to work everyday and eat a healthy-ish diet.

When I was 15 I had red hair with an undercut I desperately miss (but sadly I will not be going back to that anytime soon) I was a little chubbier but not much has changed, I’m far healthier now than I ever was and have been aiming to continue getting healthier as I get older. I can happily say I have a much better style when it comes to clothing- don’t you just love my black and white splodgy dress for the schools christmas party!


The biggest change in my life has been this little cutiepie, 2011 is when I first met my stepdad and had a fantastic first family holiday in Tunisia, since then there has been another addition to the family. My baby brother Alistair-who is the best at posing- we are inseparable and I love him to pieces.

So much has changed in five years for me which is just crazy looking back on all the times I’ve had, I am so lucky for how my life is now. I am so much more than the person I was in 2011, my confidence has rocketed, I have surrounded myself with people who love me and I have a clear path for my future.

15 interesting facts about me

This is kind of difficult to call myself interesting when personally I think I must be really boring. I think the best way to get to know something is through interesting facts about them and I have seen these before by bloggers and loved them.

1- I am a sports fanatic, I love most sports. Football, rugby, F1, olympics and commonwealth and pretty much anything that is on and that I can support a side. I have watched darts for hours before and really enjoyed it, however taking part in sports is a huge no-no for me as I am so uncoordinated.

2- I am a huge art geek, art has always been an escape for me and meeting Peter Howson was an honour that I will never forget. I dragged Jordan to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow for one of our dates, which he wasn’t too impressed with but did it for me.

3-My favourite superhero is without a doubt WonderWoman, I have art up on my wall with her on it and I genuinely find her so empowering. My friends know how important she is to me as they bought me WonderWoman books for my christmas. I also plan on dressing up as her for halloween.

4-Star Wars is by far my favourite movie saga ever. I love it so much because it was groundbreaking for its time and has kept 3 generations of audiences entertained and will no doubt continue to entertain people with the next two films lined up. I see kids as young as 10 come into the store and buy Star Wars products because they loved The Force Awakens which led them to watch the others too.

5- I may have an addiction to lists and writing lists and creating lists for other lists. I create at least 4/5 lists for each blog post and list for my life, every day in my diary theres at least one list. I have a habit of making a list more than once and I think that is because it clears ideas in my mind.

6-I love watching Jane the Virgin for some reason. It is so fun to watch and I love that it had so much drama and fun, with nothing to stress about. I always get so romantic when I watch it which Jordan loves but hates at the same time. Plus the celeb cameos are amazing; Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and Churro!!

7- Most of my paycheck goes on handbags or shoes. My favourite shoes are my black heeled Timberlands which are so comfy and beautiful. My favourite handbag is my nude Dune handbag that Jordan helped me pick.

8-My favourite perfumes are Olympea by Paco Robanne and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I love that they are both such sweet flowery scents and they fit all seasons.

9- I am desperate for a French Bulldog-which I never shut up about- but I just think they’re so adorable and cuddly.

10- My dream job would be to be a Sky Sports News Presenter, because of how much I love sport and journalism it would be a perfect mix of the two.

11- My allergy to coconut came at the worst time possible when the coconut oil craze began. I hate knowing that it can help almost everything and I can’t use it because of allergies.

12- The one thing that always relaxes me when I’m stressed or upset is art, I’m terrible at it but it calms me so much and I love looking at what I create when I’m stressed.

13- This year I plan on learning how to drive, I am so nervous about it that it has stopped me from wanting to learn. I think that having my mum and Jordan will help me with confidence and that will help me with driving. Plus it’s so expensive to get lessons!!

14- I cuddle my massive toy Rottweiler every night that Jordan isn’t home, I have had him ever since I stole him from my cousin Georgia when I was younger. He is by far my favourite cuddly toy ever but I would prefer Jordan.

15- The best part of my job is helping couples to celebrate engagements or weddings and it honestly brings a smile to my face being even a tiny part of these couples lives. I love seeing how happy and in love they are.

Trying to come up with 15 ‘interesting’ facts about myself was pretty difficult and I did end up wracking my brain trying to think of things about me! Hopefully this lets you guys know a little more about me! I’d love to get to know you guys better too, write a few interesting facts about yourself in the comments.

The importance of Education to me

Education is something that has always intrigued me, the idea of exams is something that I have always hated, it is always more of a memory test than a test of actual knowledge, I have always studied extremely hard which I am proud of. But I was never happy with any of the grades I got unless it was an A because of all the hard work I put in.

A lot of my time in school was over shadowed by my mental health problems I was experiencing, the depression I had throughout school made everything harder, studying, concentrating and being level headed about things. This became obvious to classmates and teachers when I tore apart some art in art class that I had spent 3 weeks working on and stormed out crying.

This is how my education ended up going, I would study to get away from my depression, but studying would push me further into it. I found school very difficult to cope with a lot of the time and thats not due to a lack of compassion from teachers and counsellors, but due to the pressures I was putting on myself and the isolation I was feeling due to it.

School was not a fun time for me and to be honest I learned more about myself at school than any other time in my life, but I also hated myself throughout school. I do choose to continue to educate myself with my time at university however I think that education is important but only if you are genuinely pursuing education for yourself. Within the education system you are forced to take science and maths, I hate both of those and honestly couldn’t care less about standard deviation or photosynthesis. But I adored learning about politics and psychology in my last year at school, because this is the stuff I genuinely care about but I understand the reason I needed to learn about science and maths. (They were just so boring!!)

I think you can be extraordinarily smart without having any formal education. I think that formal education is good but I don’t think it is necessary for people to get qualifications to be smart and many have extremely successful lives without qualifications.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


I cannot agree more with the above quote, I think that people do better when they study something they love and something they genuinely enjoy. I have been lucky enough to do so by being able to study Journalism and Politics. I think any form of education whether you are educating yourself or in education you are empowering yourself.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

This is another thing I am very vocal about, if anything is to change in the world, then using knowledge is very important. When it comes to topics about change: climate change, world crisis and domestic topics, I always feel like if I want to have a say on things then I should be educated enough on the topic to have a say.

Education is important for so many reasons, but I personally hated my time at school due to personal problems. I have since chosen to educate myself by reading articles, that I both agree and disagree with, books that open new ideologies for me and talking to people and hearing their views too. It is personal how you gain knowledge, whether your addicted to TEDxTalks or whether you like to watch documentaries, it is personal and something that once you have it, can never be taken from you.

(The picture of me at the top is on my prom day with some good friends)

Flamingosaurus Rex Grand Opening

I feel bad that this has taken so long to write up but a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing grand opening at Flamingosaurus Rex. The beautiful and talented Lucie from Tetris and Cheesecakes created this wonderful store full of art and amazing one off clothing pieces. It is a haven for art lovers and fashionistas alike and the people who work in the shop are honestly the nicest and sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

Going to this event I was so nervous as this was my first opening event I had ever been to with other bloggers and businesses/creators. I was scared I would not fit in or that I would feel unprofessional as I am relatively new to the blogging world.


Everyone was so nice and sweet to me, with adorable free miniature cupcakes and Prosecco available whenever it was definitely a fun and tasty night. With live music and DJ-ing it was a night of the arts coming together and meeting as one. Meeting one half of the clothing brand that I had modelled for earlier this month was amazing, being told I looked exactly how she had imagined and that she liked the way the pictures came out was so nice to hear, she was honestly a sweetheart and meeting the creator made me want to buy the clothes so much more! Next time I have money I will be back in Edinburgh to clear the walls of the beautiful art on the store walls.


I had an amazing night and I would genuinely advise everyone to go to this gorgeous shop, if not to buy the art, then just to appreciate it and meet some friendly and kind people. Thank you to Lucie again for inviting me and I will be up as soon as I possibly can to buy all her stock.


Beefeater Stirling Review

I have never been to the Beefeater in Stirling before, in fact I’ve never been in a Beefeater in my life, but recently I was given the opportunity to go to the one in Stirling and have a try of its new menu. They have revamped the menu and added starters such as duck wings and a salt beef board to the starters, everyones favourites of surf and turf and added more burger and steak options to their mains and added more pudding options to delight everyones sweet tooth.


I was really worried to begin with that because I’m not a massive meat eater that I wouldn’t find anything there that I liked, and I can be really picky at times, but the options on the menu were amazing and I ended up having a really lovely dinner. Another thing that worried me a little was that as my boyfriend has Coeliac Disease he can’t have gluten, and I had noticed that on the menu there wasn’t any dietary information other than what was Vegan or Vegetarian. This is something I am noticing more as a partner to someone who has dietary requirements, there often isn’t much help on the menu and therefore you have to ask. They were extremely accommodating at the Beefeater Stirling and I was truly impressed with the amount on offer that was gluten free, however I wished I could’ve seen on the menu instead of having to ask the waitress.

Despite that small problem, we had a wonderful date night and all the staff were so nice to us throughout our time there. The food portions were really big and we were both so shocked by the size for how cheap the dishes were. We also found the drinks were really good prices as some restaurants can put their prices up because theres nowhere else to get your drinks from, but we both chose to have a drink as we got a taxi there. I got Rekordelig Wild Berries and Jordan got a Magners. DSCF1263

To start we got 8 crispy chicken wings with BBQ sauce, both Jordan and I were so glad that the batter on the chicken was gluten free and we were both pretty much addicted to these, we even thought about ordering more but chose to opt for a main course instead. The batter was actually really nice and light, little to no grease was on them as well however the waitress did offer little lemon pocket wipes incase we made a mess. They were really warm when they got to the table and they went so well with the BBQ sauce, there was an option of piri piri sauce as well. DSCF1268

For mains I got the Smothered Chicken and Jordan went for the 10oz Steak medium/rare, I have never had steak before however I am not a fan of beef or anything too meaty (I know it sounds so stupid) but I did try some of Jordan’s steak but my mind was not changed. My Smothered Chicken was chicken with bacon on top and BBQ sauce and melted cheese which was to die for, it is something I order (or something similar) usually and it is a favourite of mine and this did not disappoint. It was cooked to perfection with a side of chunky or skinny chips and coleslaw and salad. DSCF1270

Jordan’s steak was actually much bigger than I expected too, it came with a side of chips of your choice and mushroom and tomato which Jordan must’ve enjoyed because he left a clean plate at the end of it. He said it was cooked perfectly and that it was a really nice meal and great quality for money. DSCF1272

As it was our first date night in ages since Jordan works away we decided to go for a pudding as we felt we deserved it. This was the one area which kind of upset us on the gluten free front with pretty much nothing being gluten free or having gluten free options, Jordan went for the Rocky Road sundae but had to not have the brownie bites or wafer in it which upset me a little as we were almost getting half the actual pudding. I went for the melt in the middle chocolate cake and ended up eating it before remembering I should’ve taken a picture for the blog (oops) but it was gorgeous with a rich oozing centre of molten chocolate. DSCF1279

All in all it was a good night and we ended up going for drinks after however I do wish they had more dietary information on the menu and had more options for those who are gluten free, but that might just be because it affects me more now. Thank you to everyone at the Beefeater Stirling we had a great time and will no doubt be back to have more meals now I know how nice it is there.

They were nice enough to offer my followers and readers 25% off your next visit with my code: 588113001 this code is only valid for a short time so get down to the Beefeater Stirling soon.

My views on ‘mainstream’ music

As someone with a pretty eclectic music taste, I hate hearing ‘pop is rubbish’ or ‘rock is rubbish’ or that people are mainstream or weird. I have a genuine love of music but for me at the end of the day, as long as the lyrics have some sort of genuine meaning or if the song is catchy I will probably like it. There isn’t much I don’t like really.

I am a vocal hater of snobbery of any kind, whether you are a food snob, movie snob or music snob, its not cute. Stop it. People are different, I cannot stand avocado but my flatmate likes it, I do not call her ‘basic’ because she likes avocado. I love dark action films however my mother loves romance films, I do not call her ‘stupid’ for that because she is a different person with different preferences. I honestly do not understand why there is so much snobbery in music, I personally do not like certain artists because of their views and opinions, some because of their songs and some artists I just don’t enjoy at all.

An artist I do not like, do not agree with and whose music I pretty much cannot stand without wanting to vomit is Meghan Trainor, I feel like she is not a good role model with her comments about mental health problems, feminism and a lot of her music going against a lot of things that I believe in. However, I know people who love her music and think she is an amazing role model and I am okay with that because, heres the bit most people don’t get, we are different people. It does not physically or mentally cause me any harm that people like her other than confusing me a little, but everyone is entitled to an opinion and it should be respected.

I do love artists who write or at least help to write their own music, I usually find that there is more of a passion when singing as it has a meaning behind it and I connect really well with passionate and meaningful performances. I also connect with artists who use their fame, power and influence to educate and inform in order to help others not as fortunate as them, Demi Lovato is someone whose music I don’t listen to regularly however I have the upmost respect for her due to her mission to help inform people about mental health problems using her personal struggles as examples.

In my phone currently I have Bring Me The Horizon and Rihanna next to One Direction and Catfish and the Bottlemen next to Carrie Underwood and Drake, so I do truly enjoy most genres of music, I think in order for me to really feel a connection the person has to enjoy singing the song or feel a connection to the song, for me being catchy and upbeat is just a nice positive. I know a lot of people won’t necessarily agree with me and will be like ‘you don’t like hardcore rock’ or ‘you don’t like progressive dance anthems’ but at the end of the day if I listened to it I would probably enjoy it.