20 things I want to do in my twenties

As part of my turning 20 series, I’ve tried to do things I’ve done before turning 20, now I’m looking to the future and making a little bucket list of things I hope to do when I turn 20. As a person who loves planning, most of it is already in action which excites me that little bit more for turning 20.

1- Learn to drive

I now feel that it is probably time to start learning to drive, as I am so sick of waiting on buses to get to work and often being really early or late. In my first year of university I was not allowed to have a car on campus, in second year I was happy enough not knowing how to drive because I did not have the money for a car or keeping it up.

2- Buy a car

I don’t see the point in knowing to drive without a car and as such I would much rather learn to drive when I know I can afford a car as I’ve heard much of your education on the road actually comes after you pass your test. I have looked into cars for the past year and sort of decided which car I want and what my budget would be for when I do buy my car. I am actually pretty excited and prepared to drive I think I just need to get over the first hurdle.

3- Finish my education

I’m currently half way through my degree and I am enjoying it hugely however after being in education ever since I was five I am really excited to finish as well, I’m unsure as to whether or not to do a postgraduate or to go straight into work but I’ll come to that hurdle when I get to it. But I know I will finish university in my twenties which is very exciting to think about.

4- Move into a flat with Jordan

My partner and I might not have been together that long but we have both spoken about the idea of moving in together at some point next year or the year after so hopefully I will be living with him in our own little flat in my twenties. It honestly gets me so excited thinking about us having our own little place together.

5- Get better at cooking

Currently I am okay at cooking, I mean I’ve not poisoned anyone yet, but I’m no Marcus Wearing either. So I hope in my twenties I get better at cooking or at least put more effort into my cooking for myself and other people. I love eating food but making it is just so much effort so hopefully that mentality changes and I can go from chicken nuggets to more difficult and more flavoursome dishes.

6- Get a full-time job

This is something that I hope will be easy, but very much doubt it, currently I have two part-time jobs that would equate to one full time, with both claiming they’re ten hours each but being usually 20 each. But I genuinely love both jobs and really enjoy working, I’ve loved having my own responsibilities and having my own money. I genuinely hope that I am able to get a full time job once I’ve left university, but having a passion in writing doesn’t always pay so I’ll no doubt get a job in retail and try to build up my portfolio till I am able to get a writing job.

7- Spend more time with my family

Currently having two jobs does stretch my time a lot and I often work every day with maybe an afternoon or night off instead of the weekends, so if I visit home my family are often working and I don’t see much of them so hopefully if I do get a full time job I can plan time with my family and see them more often.

8- Have an amazing 21st with Jordan

I am one of those people who adores planning and ever since my 18th I’ve been planning my last big birthday and I can honestly say that I hope it’s amazing, I cannot wait for my 21st and to spend it with Jordan, currently I am hopeful that I will be able to save over this summer and end up having enough money to go to Disneyland Paris for my 21st in a year and a bits time. This is something I’d genuinely really enjoy and something that hopefully wouldn’t break the bank.

9- Get rid of some bad habits

I currently have a few bad habits I’ve tried to conquer and have failed, I bite my nails whenever I’m stressed and although I was doing really well before I found it so hard to keep up so I’m hoping throughout my twenties I can just get over it. Another thing I want to stop is late night snacking, it has always been a bad habit of mine and getting over it will hopefully lead to a healthier lifestyle.

10- Allow myself to indulge on 2/3 really nice (and expensive) items

This might sound a bit odd, but usually I don’t like spending loads and loads of money on one item of clothing or one handbag, but I don’t see why I should keep stopping myself from enjoying these things. I think I should allow myself 2/3 things- nothing ridiculously expensive either but just stuff I really like that cost that little bit extra and make me feel really confident and beautiful.

11- Travel

I am so desperate to travel and have amazing holidays and memories. I love learning about other cultures and religions and learning the norm in other countries is fascinating to me, ever since I was young I totally idolised Egypt as I just loved the rich and vibrant history and how it still stands, after visiting Egypt I was hooked on travelling and using it as a tool to learn about other countries so I’d love to travel the world.

12- Make money from writing

I’m aware that it’ll be difficult to get a career out of my writing but I would like to at least earn something for my journalism through freelance or something, I adore writing and would love to make it my career one day but I doubt that’ll happen before I’m 30.

13- Go to more football games

For someone who loves football I haven’t been to many games, this is just because I was never really invited along with the family before cause it was only really the boys who were, but I hope to go to more football games and more sporting events in general as I am a real sporting enthusiast.

14- Start saving for a mortgage

In todays economy it is pretty difficult to save for a mortgage and stuff so I’m hoping that by my mid to late twenties I will have saved enough for a mortgage and be looking for a house, which thinking about that terrifies me but it also really excites me as I cannot wait for my adult life to begin.

15- Be stable

I’d love to be in a stable and happy relationship whilst looking into my thirties, this isn’t the most important thing but I would love to be engaged and have a foundation for a strong marriage. I doubt that kids would be on my mind at all during my twenties but possibly during my thirties. I also want to have a stable life with a stable job, a stable amount of money and have a stable life.

16-Learn a language

I’d love to learn Italian, I am addicted to listening to Italian musicians, especially Marco Mengoni! And I’d love to know what he’s singing without google translating it every time. I also would love to travel to Italy and know a bit more of the language than just the touristy lingo.

17- Join a team

I adore football and never play it so I’d love to try to join a 5-a-side football team, I think the team mentality would be exciting to be a part of. Plus I am so competitive so I feel that would give me an edge and give me a healthier lifestyle as well.

18- Go to more gigs

When I was younger I went to loads of gigs and loved them but as I got older I stopped going to them, and I’d really like to go to more gigs and enjoy myself and the music. As it means so much to me it only makes sense to go to more gigs as most are pretty affordable and living in Stirling is so close to the venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

19-Set myself a manifesto

I am a very opinionated person, so setting myself a manifesto and aiming to stick to it will hopefully give me a clearer view on what my future might look like, I’m currently the queen of mood boards and vision boards so hopefully I can use this to help myself set this manifesto.

20- Try and make the most of now

I want to be able to make the most of every day and not try to think that ‘the right time’ will come, not reject offers for spending time with friends and make real effort for those around me. I want every day to have helped me grow as a person and to feel fulfilled. Writing every day as well so I don’t put things off especially my writing because I’m so bad for saying ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ and then never getting round to it.

Bonus goal:

21- Get a dog

I have always wanted a french bulldog and I adore animals and so I am genuinely desperate for a dog, which I demand must happen soon so hopefully I am able to get a wee puppy with landlords who are nice and understanding.

I think all my goals for my twenties are achievable and I’m pretty excited to get started on my life after twenty, only five more months of teenage life and twenty will hit, but I can honestly say I’m excited to be an adult and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Whats top of your bucket list?


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