20 things I’ve achieved before turning 20

At five I told my mum I would go to university, at seven I decided I wanted to make writing my career. I am a very goal driven person and when I was little twenty meant you were a real adult with real responsibilities, however staring twenty in the face has made me realise that I’ve realised that I am totally not an adult and do not want to be any time soon. Before I do turn twenty I think it’s important to look back at twenty of my biggest achievements before I turned twenty. This is almost a reverse bucket list, things I’ve already accomplished in my life.

1- I got into university

Getting into university was something my mum had always hoped I would do, working extraordinarily hard in my final two years of school really helped that dream become a reality. Although at five I aimed for Oxford or Harvard and thought I’d study Law, my goals became more possible as I got older as Stirling University became a first choice with Journalism and Politics being the dream. Currently I study there and I am studying a course that is a real passion of mine. It can be so difficult at times and the stress is real currently with exams looming but it is so rewarding to know that all my hard work paid off and I’m so proud of myself for it.

2- I followed my passion

It is so difficult to follow something that is a genuine passion, however from a young age I knew I loved writing and so following that dream to me was obvious, despite family members maybe believing my dream is unattainable or unrealistic I have ignored that and followed it anyways. With so many people doubting me and telling me not to be stupid by following this dream I am so proud of myself for never giving up.

3- I got my first job

If you told me in September last year that I would be currently seven months into my first job at a jewellers I would’ve laughed at you. However, I am indeed seven months in and still enjoying meeting all the customers and sharing such an important moment with people. I have achieved so much in my job so far and ended up getting a really high score on a mystery shopper when I hadn’t even been there six months. I’ve also met some amazing people in my job, with some amazing co-workers and great customers.

4-I moved out

I moved out of my family home at eighteen, thanks to my job I am able to look after myself and pay for my flat throughout summer to keep myself afloat. I feel like I have really enjoyed this time of having responsibilities and bills to pay. It has been even better because I got to move in with my two best friends and into such a nice flat. It has been so much fun living with two people you love although there are times we do want to kill each other but this happens with anyone.

5- I became an amazing big sister

At the news of my mum being pregnant I was so excited and then it hit me, I’d be a big sister and what if I was terrible at it? I was then terrified throughout my mums pregnancy of this human that I just couldn’t touch or be near in case I hurt him. But when my mum had him and I held him for the first time he became my absolute world and bringing him home was the most exciting thing ever. Since then he’s become my little sidekick and we’re best friends, I honestly can’t imagine my life without him.

6- I went to a festival

Not just for one year but for two I attended T in the Park and it was amazing, I honestly never thought I would be able to sleep in a tent that wasn’t in my back yard never mind hours from home. I loved every minute of the festivals and got all my teenage craziness out of the way very quickly.

7- I finally convinced my mum to let me dye my hair black

Throughout my younger years I was desperate to dye my hair black and she would continually tell me it’d never happen, so instead I dyed my hair many different colours that she’d never said no to. Mostly ridiculously bright and totally unnecessary but my mum definitely enjoyed my teenage angst at the time. Purple was the longest lasting with red and blonde highlights also making appearances. But now I live with my lovely black hair that I asked for in the first place AND my mum even sometimes dyes it for me.

8- I started saving money

I know right?! I never thought I’d be able to either but apparently if you have a goal it is much easier to do, currently I have £200 saved (which isn’t much) but I have just started and I am hoping to have much more saved by this time next year!

9- I learned to cook

Its been nearly two years since I moved out and I am not dead, which means only one thing, I can cook. Despite the teasing my mum loved to give me before I moved out I have really loved cooking and I’d say they are totally masterchef worthy personally.

10- I started and kept up a blog

I started my blog almost three years ago however so many times things got in the way and I gave up however in the past year I have decided to dedicate more time to it as it is something that is important to me. I’ve always loved writing and instead of channelling that to essays and beginning hating it I think blogging helps me with creativity and keeps me sane.

11- I started cutting people out my life

This might not seem like a good thing but it really was, I had a lot of toxic people in my life when I was younger and getting rid of those people really changed my outlook on life and what I thought about myself. I gave up on people whose lives were made up of negative energy and although it was tough and painful in some cases I’ve found myself in such a better place now.

12- I allowed myself to be happy

I used to find myself drawn to people who didn’t care all that much for me, but I really cared about them, but in recent months I have met someone who genuinely loves and cares for me and I’ve become so much happier and such a better person for it. Being with or thinking about Jordan does make me far happier and I honestly would never have guessed that I’d find someone as supportive or sweet as him who loved me.

13- I’ve learned to do my makeup better(ish)

From the days of my mum moaning that my foundation was way too orange and my eyeliner looking ridiculous with wings up to my eye brows, speaking of eyebrows mine used to be in an orangey-brown while I had really ridiculously dark hair. Thankfully due to watching MANY youtube videos and my mum investing in my makeup over Christmases and birthdays I got better and now I’m far happier with my makeup skills.

14- I got through depression

This is something I don’t like to shout from the rooftops but it definitely is something I’m incredibly proud of and use my experience to help other people who are suffering with mental health problems. I think going through this has made me a much more empathetic person with a lot more patience and love for people than I had before. Despite being a bad experience it has made me a better person.

15-I got three tattoos without a whimper

Since I was younger I always wanted to get a tattoo with many of my family members advising me not to, however I ended up getting three (so far) and not once have a cried and all have been in pretty painful areas, the spine, the hip and the rib. I honestly had imagined me being a pathetic mess and crying so much about them but I enjoyed getting them and love them now I have them.

16- I travelled a little

Me and my mum went to Florida in 2008 we are both huge Disney fanatics and we both had such an amazing time together. It is honestly the best holiday I’ve ever had and now I have a baby brother its another excuse to go back soon, with me and my mum counting down the days till we next go. I also went to a country I have always been incredibly interested in, Egypt, this was another amazing memory and I am so glad I went and definitely want to go back.

17- I got through some really toxic relationships

This is both with boyfriends and with family and friends, I have had a horrible history when it comes to boys and have sadly found myself in a very horrible situation with one that often continues to haunt me now. My family and I have always been close but it took me an awful long time to get rid of those who were not good for me however I can confidently say I am far happier now I’ve gotten over these horrible situations.

18-I voted

I have voted in the Scottish independence referendum which was really exciting, I also voted in the general election, however one was posted and the other was through proxy with my mum voting for me. On the 5th of May however I will be finally voting for real and I’m pretty (embarrassingly) excited about it.

19-I got more confident

Throughout my teens and pre-teens I had very low confidence and this was obvious in the way I treated myself and how I held myself. I was a little bigger and didn’t do my hair or makeup and I found school life pretty tough. As I grew up I lost weight, grew taller and started styling my hair and makeup and despite all this underneath it all I believed myself to be beautiful no matter what. I feel so much happier with who I grew up to be and who I am now.

20-I built Ikea furniture without any arguments

When I walked into my flat and saw my flatmates had bought Ikea furniture dread hit me as I could foresee the arguments and tantrums that would happen over this huge chest of drawers. However, we got the chest of drawers up and done within like 2 hours and that I think is a real achievement to be honest.

I feel like I have already fit so much into my life before I turn twenty and I am so proud of everything I’ve accomplished. I cannot wait for my twenties to come now and know that I have so much more to accomplish with my life, after writing this list I feel so much better about becoming ‘an adult’ cause I know I’m prepared for it.

Whats the biggest thing you’ve accomplished in your life so far?

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