7 tips to keep you being creative

Sometimes, I have days where I feel entirely uninspired, totally confused at how I have the cheek to want to be a writer with no creative juices flowing whatsoever. Then there are other days where I cannot put my pen down because the character is telling me what to write. Looking at a blank page or a blank screen is so daunting when nothing is coming to you but I have a few tips to keep being creative.

1- Always find new things to inspire yourself 

Sitting on a bus might seem like an odd place to be inspired but if someone on my bus looks like they would be a good character for a short story then I will sit and write about every detail of that person to put in a story I might come up with later. If a lyric in a song resonates with you think about why it does, could it be your next story? It is important for me to use these smaller things as a great way to become inspired.

2-Stay away from clichés

It is hard to not have clichés in a story and often some rely on them to push a story forward, its always so positive to try to push yourself to reimagine the cliché in a different way, only use it if it genuinely adds to your content.

3-Make writing fun 

Try not to see writing as a job, coming home from one of my two jobs knowing I more than likely have work the next day does not make me want to work when at home, but thinking about writing as an escape and something fun and exciting. Not only will this help with creativity but it does help improve your writing, the positive energy helps transform your writing.

4-Write for yourself 

It’ll be difficult to find someone who enjoys writing essays unless its their passion, so write things you love writing about, things that genuinely interest you. If you are writing things from a passionate place people are more likely to react to that passion and enjoy your writing so much more.

5-Don’t overwhelm yourself 

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed or irritated with your work take a break, watch your favourite TV programme, listen to music, go for a walk or have a bath to just relax and free your mind and come back to writing when you genuinely feel you are ready and want to.

6- Allow mistakes 

No one is perfect and mistakes will be made, always refine the work you have done as much and as often as you can. Often when I have writers block it comes from further back in the story and I have written myself into a corner.

7- Do something creative in a different field 

I’m definitely not an artist however I do enjoy pretending to be one, so doing something artsy like doing a sketch or a doodle on the train or painting for a night at home can be so therapeutic to me. The creativity also flows over into everything and helps with creativity in the field of work you enjoy the most.

My work is always very important to me, it is extremely personal to me because of how much effort I put into every bit of my work. I have lived by there tips to keep myself creative and keep my work to a high standard that I am proud of.

Do you have any tips on being creative?


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