50 things that make me happy

As someone who has previously had depression it is important to me to think of the things that make me happy. It is important to not take things for granted however I found that thinking of 50 things was difficult. But once I got into it I found it easy, there are so many things that make me happy and I am so lucky to have all these things in my life!

1-My baby brother makes me so happy, being a big sister has been the best blessing I’ve ever had.

2-My mum honestly makes me so happy, whenever I am down or needing advice she is the first person I turn to and my true best friend.

3-Jordan makes me happy- of course- having the support of such a wonderful boyfriend, he is such a sweet soul and I constantly feel loved and appreciated. In recent weeks my confidence has rocketed and because of his support about things and especially my writing, he has helped my writing. I could honestly go on about him constantly but I won’t.

4- Despite work sometimes stressing me out I am so happy I have a job, the customers I deal with daily are usually lovely and working in a jeweller honestly is so fun and lovely. You see so many men trying to find the perfect ring for their partners, happy couples looking for wedding bands together and families buying gifts for one another.

5-University makes me happy- the fact that my hard work all those years amounted to something makes me happy and believe in myself more.

6-My friends

7-Food makes me happy-mostly chocolate

8- Writing makes me so  happy, especially when I write from my soul which I find so cathartic

9-Lists, which is odd but they really help me organise which takes me to my next point:

10-Organising things- clothes/underwear/shoes/paperwork! Anything that I’m able to organise I will do it and be so happy about it.

11-Watching movies

12-Doing my makeup/hair

13-Going on cute dates with Jordan, I love the whole experience, getting ready to go, planning the date and actually being out with him too

14-Watching football, even when my team loses!


16-Puppies, especially French Bulldogs

17- Planning, I find it embarrassingly exciting to make mood boards and plan my future

18-Seriously I really love chocolate-like a lot

19- Watching my favourite Tv programme after a day at work

20-The feeling of handing in an essay-more relief than happiness but still

21-My extended family- my uncle Andy, Aunty Betty, my cousins: Georgia and Rhona- although they are extremely close to me

22-A girly night in

23-Giving people gifts

24-Pay day

25-Getting forehead kisses

26-A gorgeous breakfast when I’m just up

27- Making dinner for people and them enjoying it

28- Looking at the ring Jordan got me, it makes me smile so much

29-Getting views/comments/likes on my blog posts

30-Reading my favourite books- Pride and Prejudice, Emma and A Little Princess

31- My cosy sherpa throw

32-Seeing that I’m working with Jade


34-Chicken wings. I told you I loved food!

35-Looking really cute in an outfit

36-Disney movies, I love the Good Dinosaur and Frozen

37-Eyeshadow palettes

38-Buying cute watches- I’ve started quite the collection

39-Cute stationary

40- Lucozade Pink Lemonade, I swear its an addiction

41-Going home to see family


43-My blog

44-Wearing matching underwear

45-A week off work

46-Setting myself goals and targets

47-A new handbag

48- Fluffy socks

49-Cheese toasties

50-Jordan coming home


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