Why I will never pay ridiculous amounts for eyeliner again


Being the utter addict I am to a winged eyeliner look and starting a new job with my first pay check I promised myself to buy expensive (for me) eyeliner from a well-known brand. I chose to buy the Urban Decay Super-Saturated Ultra Intense Cream Eyeliner, which came in at £16.50 plus postage, after reading a few reviews I decided this was definitely the one for me hearing it was super black with no transfer to the brow area which I had found with cheaper liners I had use. To go with my fancy new eyeliner I bought the Zoeva 315 Fine Liner brush from Beauty Bay for £8 that I was really pleased with and still adore today.

Once it arrived and I started using it I was hooked and I loved it, but after only a few weeks I started to notice a green hue around the area I would apply the liner, even after using makeup wipes to remove it this continued so I stopped using it for a week and noticed it had gone. Deciding that the eyeliner was too good, and too expensive, to give up on I persisted to use it hoping this was just my skin settling to new eyeliner.


But I only got about another week out of the eyeliner before it started to dry and drag on my skin. I was truly heartbroken that only a month after buying this liner it was drying on me already, luckily my flatmate is a makeup fanatic and told me to try to ‘reactivate’ the gel by putting it in boiled water in a bag. I tried this and was so excited when it worked and I could use it.

This excitement was short-lived however as I only got two weeks use out of this and was heartbroken all over again when it dried up on me. I told a few friends and work colleagues about what had happened and most told me about the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner which they all told me was extremely black, very easy to use and they had all had positive experiences with it.


I picked some up the next day at Superdrug for £7.99 along with the Maybelline Liner Express Eye Liner, which was an odd choice for me as this is a liquid liner. I can honestly say that both liners have been extremely fun and easy to use. I got these on a deal that allowed me to get the liquid liner for £2.50 which was a real deal getting two liners for well under the price of the Urban Decay one.

The gel liner has become a favourite of mine and I can see myself buying it again once I’ve used this one, which might be soon with how in love with it I am. I am now trying to incorporate liner into every eye look I do just to get to use it. Sadly my liner brush was slightly ruined by the Urban Decay liner and I am thinking of buying the same brush again because of how much I like using it, despite being a little ruined.


So although I love Urban Decay so much as a company and I would never fault the amazing eye shadow palettes they bring out, which are a staple in my makeup routine, I did not enjoy using their eyeliner and would definitely not recommend it to anyone. I would recommend people go to Maybelline for their liner needs in future as you get such great quality for far lower prices.


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