Spectrum Brushes Marbellous Collection: Review

As a creature of habit I never change anything about my regular makeup routine without reading reviews and hearing about other people using that product. However, Spectrum Brushes new Marbellous collection was simply stunning and a real bargain at £64.99 for the 12 set or £34.99 for either of the two sets; the 8-piece eye set or the 4-piece face set. This took so long for me to convince myself to get these but once I had saved up for them I knew I had to, it was just the wait for them to come available online.


They came available on 24th of March and were with me by the 29th, which is crazy fast shipping considering the Easter break weekend, which I was incredibly impressed by. These brushes are simply a dream come true, as a huge fan of marble with it covering both my laptop and phone I was so excited to receive these and the hint of rose gold on the brushes adds that little bit of elegance.

Taking pictures of these was great fun and working with my best friend to get the best pictures possible to do them justice was great (living with a photography genius has its perks). Looking at all the collections available on the Spectrum Brushes website it is clear why this company has become a favourite amongst beauty lovers and bloggers, with mermaid brushes and collections with such high quality sets creating a real following for such a company in the beauty world. They boldly state all over their website how animal friendly they are as they boast a vegan and cruelty free company with all brushes using high quality synthetic hair.

Using these brushes to start with was a bit odd for me as since I started doing makeup I’ve always used the same brushes, Real Techniques, and as such getting used to new brushes was difficult. Once I got used to them it was so enjoyable though with soft hairs that make the brushes easy to use and allows blending to be easier, the face set was faultless however due to old habits I’ve continued to use my blush brush from Real Techniques for my blush but all others have taken over the face brushes I had before. The flat buffing brush has been perfect for foundation for me, as my skin has recently been playing up due to exam stress this has given me that extra coverage that I’ve needed and honestly I’ve loved using this brush more than the previous brush I had which was a simple non-branded tapered brush. The angled contour brush has given me so much satisfaction whilst I’m using it as I have always adored my bronzer-maybe a little too much when I was younger- but that contour life is definitely for me and this brush really lets you live that dream.


The eye brushes is where I was really excited to be let loose, I love an exciting eye look and so the eye brushes were exciting to use and critique! I have fallen in love with these brushes and I honestly do not see myself putting these down anytime soon, I’ve even started putting more effort into doing my makeup for work (which means waking up earlier) just so I get to use these brushes everyday. The angled tip brush is a delight to use in the crease and to really map out the eye and the blending brushes come in multiple sizes allowing for a blend that really is second to none.

My personal experience of these brushes has not only been aesthetically pleasing but the way that they fit into my life perfectly after having such a set out plan for years before has shocked me, I honestly thought I would need to be won round but somehow these brushes have really changed the way I feel about my makeup.


This might sound as though I am totally gushing about them but I have been debating for months whether or not I should buy these brushes and I could not have picked a better set of brushes to buy. Anyone contemplating it but worrying about the price, I would say it is totally worth it and not to overthink it because no matter what this company will surpass any expectations you have, whether you want to live that mermaid dream, dark mermaid dream or your minimalist goals they totally cater for you. Every girl loves beautiful looking makeup but why not let this pass over to your makeup brushes.

What do you use for makeup brushes? Would you consider yourself brand loyal to any company for your brushes?

Head over to http://www.spectrumcollections.com to take a look at the brushes they have on offer for yourself!


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