An Open Letter to the Woman Who Raised Me

To celebrate my mum getting another year older I’ve decided to dedicate a little blog post to her. As the most important person in my life its only fair that she be applauded for the amazing woman she is, and its time I realised how lucky I am to have her as a mother.

I can say with complete confidence that my mum is my best friend, I understand that some teens might find this cringey but I’m proud of it, when I’m sad I phone my mum, when I’m unwell I phone my mum, when I’m homesick my mum comes to pick me up. Most of my best memories have been with my mum and so this post I dedicate to her as a cute little add-on for her birthday;

Dear Mum,

There are so many things I want to say to you, so many important things you haven’t been told often enough, like how beautiful you are, how strong you are and how inspiring you are, there are so many things I wish I could take care of for you, the mortgage, Alistair, myself (joking-ish!) and there is so much I want to thank you for, teaching me to love myself no matter what, teaching me how to be a loving and generous person and protecting me at all times.

I know we have been through some horrible times together but I’ve always known that I’d get through it because I’d have you looking after me and caring for me. When I was only 15 coming to you to tell you I thought I was depressed was so scary because I didn’t want to hurt you, but the first thing you did was hug me and promise me I’d get through it and I believed you (and I did). Although at times your nursing career can lower the levels of sympathy I get from you, whenever I’ve really needed you, you’ve always just known and been there for me and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Whenever I’m told to talk about inspiring women you are always the first to come to mind for me, you are a beautiful woman with such a warm and loving heart and although people have hurt you in the past you have never let that affect how you treat others in the future. You are also such an open person, you always taught me not to shy away from letting people in and I cannot respect you enough for that. Those who are in your care every day at your work have no idea how lucky they are because I have seen you come home heart broken because you lost a patient, because a patient got bad news and working late so you could always put your patient first, you are honestly the best nurse in the world and I am so proud you are my mother.

Our close relationship has always been so natural because it was always just us, when I was younger I didn’t feel the need to hide anything from you, and I always showed off how cool my mum was to my friends! But I can already see that Alistair is going to have a similar relationship with you because he simply adores you and I know exactly why; you have so much patience with him, you spoil him rotten and you’re about as mad as him.

I know for a fact that every inch of niceness in me or any good quality I have I gained from you, and honestly when I’m older if I’m half the woman you are I’ll be happy because you have achieved so much and been wholly underappreciated by everyone that its time someone showed you just how amazing you truly are. Thank you so much for being my best friend, thank you for being my guidance in life and most of all thank you for being my mum.

Hope you have a great birthday.

I love you so much, Sophie.


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