Best De-Stressing Techniques

With University exams looming I understand when people get stressed about these things. Most of my time in secondary school and first year of university was spent stressing about how well or how badly I would do in exams, this stress caused me not to do as well as I could’ve. This caused me to have to find ways to cope to stop having panic attacks in exam halls and endless nights of no sleep. Through this I have had to find ways to stop stressing so much, my ten ways of coping with stress are:

1-Preparation- this is key in life in general. Make sure you are prepared for whatever is stressing you out- whether it’s a job interview or exam- study for it! This may seem annoying and repetitive but it helped me a lot, not just for exam stress but in everyday situations, being prepared for things stops me feeling anxious.

2- Eat healthy- this sounds silly and possibly like something that your mum or gran would tell you, but taking time out to cook yourself a nice healthy meal really takes stress away. There are so many healthy Pinterest boards that offer really good and easy meals to cook during stressful times.

3- Sleep Well- as rational adults we all know this is the smart thing to do with something important coming up. Do we always do the smart thing though? No, not necessarily, so as someone who has had sleepless nights over exams I implore you to please try to set yourself a bedtime. Turn everything off, your phone, laptop and television these distractions will keep you up, without a doubt.

4-Relax- don’t forget to take down time to look after yourself, immerse yourself in a book, catch up on your favourite TV programme or watch a movie. Having a long shower or bath can also help you to escape the stress, although don’t do this too much, as that’s procrastinating.

5- Walk- go for a walk, it is scientifically proven that taking a walk can de-stress you and it has always worked for me, whether you taking your dog a walk or going with a friend or just walking alone it always helps a little- although only walk at times you will be safe! I know I probably sound like a mum again but its better safe than sorry!

6-Lists- I understand that this sort of comes under preparation- but making to do lists gives you a clear plan of action and lets you know what you need to get done. It is also a nice to see all of your to do lists being checked off as you get it done. This has helped me so much especially when I’m procrastinating but it really gets you in the mood to do something productive- or that’s the effect its had on me anyways.

7-Music- this will make me sound so odd but I love listening to Italian music when I’m studying- it helps me to not get confused and accidentally write what I’m listening to! Also listening to composers like Bach and Beethoven have helped me out of a stressful time as writing to the music means you end up writing pretty fast.

8-Yoga-don’t skip over this and roll your eyes cause ‘typical blogger,’ this isn’t sitting dog or standing tree; it is a simple muscle relaxation techniques. Start from the bottom up so your toes and feet; tighten all your muscles as much as you can and then relax them, do this three times then move to the next body part, it can be done sitting or standing and doesn’t force you to put yourself in weird and difficult positions.

9-Friends- this is something that is hard to get a good balance after five years of exams stress, I still have no idea how to do this as efficiently as I’d like, but here’s what I’ve got so far: your friends will always be there after exams, they may even have some of their own to concentrate on. They will no doubt understand if you are a little distracted or busy during exam times but I understand that no one wants to be left out or miss time with their friends, studying with friends is boring and you never get any work done, trust me! Do something fun with your friends but don’t make it a daily thing because this will stress you, as your deadline is due.

10- Laugh- this is very important, laughing is something that will de-stress you, watching a viral video or a comedy show can cause you to laugh loads and this laughter can totally relax and de-stress you. Watching silly cats doing funny things always de-stresses me, and it totally takes your mind off of your workload. Also watching a comedy show or just an easy watching programme- chat shows, silly programmes etc- can really bond you with family and take your mind off things.


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