It’s Time to Admit it… I Have an Addiction

After my flatmates left for a few days back at home together with their families, I found myself alone in my flat all caught up on all my tv programmes needing to start something new.

After countless friends telling me to watch Luther, a BBC Crime-Thriller with an amazingly talented cast, I finally gave in and I have fallen totally in love with the show, often watching it while doing university work- or pretending to. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed binge-watching the first series, and what with it being so impressive I decided to try something new and post about series one of the show.

I have found that I have become incredibly attached to John Luther, played beautifully as always by Idris Elba, the hard-hitting, tough talking detective who is devoted to his job despite some bad decisions due to this devotion. Alongside Elba is Ruth Wilson who plays the sophisticated genius Alice Morgan. Her role in supporting Elba is masterfully performed by this home-grown talent. Her character is an enigma who leaves nothing but question marks around her, whenever you think you know what she is going to do or how she feels the actress beautifully manoeuvres you away from your theory and back to your question marks.

The supporting cast is incredibly talented with each actor adding a different flavour to the tally of British talents gracing our screens. One of these incredible talents who will steal the hearts of many fans is Warren Brown who has proven his acting talents countless times. His character, DCI Ripley, is the loyal companion to Luther, he is admirable and played with great finesse, it is contrary to the ‘bad boy’ characters of his past.


The hardest part of Luther was watching his turbulent relationship with his ex-wife Zoe. At the beginning of the series they are separated whilst she has another partner however the relationship begins to blur throughout the series, the relationship is a difficult one to watch as the tension between Indira Varma and Idris Elba is undeniable. This is somewhat heightened when she is murdered in cold blood, a scene in which the tensions between the two is pushed to its limits and the actress really highlights exactly who her character was. A strong woman with a real love for her ex-husband, but not in the way he had hoped she did.

Towards the end of the series the storyline of the dirty cop, Ian Reed, who is a long standing friend of Luther picks up dramatically; with a kidnapping which leads to the death of Zoe Luther. Despite being incredibly in love with his wife all his unit turn their back on him except his loyal partner Ripley. This series was a real nail biter, with beautiful storylines and amazing actors running throughout.

Watching this programme started as a way to waste time however this has become a real addiction for me. It has been an amazing rollercoaster and I’m quickly moving into season two, I’ve heard only good things about the next two series and I am excited about seeing it progress.


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