Why I’m lucky to be scared that university isn’t for me

As a university student who is only nineteen I am always really scared that I’ve gone down the wrong path with my life, this was worsened by the fact that I got a job that I love and want to stay at, I’m often worried that I should’ve gone straight into working and worked my way up that way instead of postponing that for four years to gain a degree. However, I am not alone with many of my friends telling me they have felt the same way at one point or another and a couple of friends having already left to start their lives without university.

This made me realise, I am so lucky to be scared that this isn’t for me, I’m a student at the University of Stirling and am a Scottish student therefore my tuition fees are free due to my government paying for them. Whereas only a two hour drive away, students at the University of Cumbria pay £9,000 tuition fees, with their student loans to pay back on top of that. With the news of student grants being scrapped it really hit me that I am very lucky to be scared that university is not for me, as many who dread university isn’t right have the added pressure of thousands of pounds to pay back. As if the fear of disappointing your parents isn’t bad enough having to pay back money for something you didn’t complete would be even worse.

I realised that every university student is scared of failing, but it is also true that every university student has a little bit of ‘I want to change the world’ in them. One semester of failing or feeling like your degree is too tough for you to pass should not dishearten you to the point of leaving university. There are people who don’t get to go to university and I am lucky enough to be able to worry that its not for me, I refuse to give up on something I’ve worked hard for because I’m being pushed more than I expected.

However, I do understand how difficult things can be, being away from home with what feels like no support and being pushed by university, can be stressful and worrying, however I have surrounded myself with my friends and I am in constant contact with my family, which makes me very lucky. There are lots of people you can go to in order to get help, and importantly, university can offer a semester or two off to rethink your degree or they can offer you to change your degree altogether.

Basically what I’m trying to say is if you are thinking of dropping out, we have all been there, it is not something you are alone in, talk to your friends and you’ll find that its very common, there are things you can do to make university a little bit easier.


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