The Art of Masterdating and Mate Dating


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If you came to this blog post for anything dirty I’m afraid you should leave now, sorry to have led you on. However, if you are here to learn about how to have a better relationship with yourself, your friends and family, this is the place for you.

Everyone enjoys going on dates whether your a married couple or single, its always nice having that excited feeling and getting ready to go out and spend some quality time with someone you really care about, however; people do not enjoy spending time with themselves. That is the problem that masterdating hopes to change.

I should probably explain what masterdating is, it is to date oneself- as I said nothing dirty about it- it is a fix in order to attempt for people to like themselves more. This is important as it allows people to get to know themselves more just as people use dates to get to know other people better.

Mate dates are a very simple concept also, this is to create a date scenario for someone who is your friend/family member. This is to highlight the bond of the relationship and prove how important the person is to you. This is something I do regularly with my best friend/flatmate, it can be difficult to remind the person you live with how important they are to you, especially when you see them every day, so this allows us to have some quality time together and shows each other that we aren’t just flatmates but best friends.

This ideology is dedicated to showing the importance of the people around you and for me has proven to be very successful. I have mate dates with my flatmate when we haven’t spent much time together outside of the flat or when we haven’t seen one another in a few days and with my mum when I haven’t been home for a while and we’ve missed one another. However, dating yourself is far more difficult but is very important nonetheless. It can seem incredibly daunting to go to the cinema alone or go for a meal alone however it is possible to masterdate in other ways; pamper nights, watching your favourite movie with a nice home cooked meal or going a long walk. From there you can build up your confidence and go on a shopping spree and have lunch and then move to the cinema and dinner.

Myself and my best friend have had mate dates ever since we met over a year ago and promised to ourselves that we would make them regular, so at least once a month we do something together whether it be facials and a day of shopping, a movie, a pamper night, dinner for two or just binge watching our favourite shows after we made dinner together. They are always something to look forward to after a tough week.

Both of these are extremely helpful in keeping a positive attitude, it highlights how important you are to people and vice versa. Having friends who are always there for you and have your back is great but without spending quality time with them it is easy to forget. It is also difficult to remember to love yourself from time to time and it is something that is totally lacking in todays world, I feel that dating yourself is far more productive than hating yourself.



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