10 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Daily


I used to have such low self esteem when I was younger and even now I’m guilty of having days where I feel really ugly and down about how I look for no reason. However there are some simple steps that you can take to combat these feelings and by doing these daily it can boost your confidence and have such a positive impact on your life. It is something I have recently discovered and after combatting such low self esteem and becoming a much more confident person all aspects of my life have been touched in such a encouraging way.

  1. Do My Make-up

I am a self confessed make-up addict and whenever I feel horrible about myself I always put some moisturiser on or do my make-up to cheer me up a bit. Doing this I feel helps accentuate the beauty I already have and sometimes all you need is a perfect winged liner to boost your confidence that day! I completely believe that women are beautiful both naturally and with make-up on and I have so much respect for girls who choose not to wear make-up on a daily basis; however I personally am not one of those girls and so doing my make-up in the morning will give me a little lift that I need sometimes. The choice to wear makeup is a personal one and if putting on moisturiser boosts your confidence because you choose not to wear make-up then that is what your personal choice to make.

2.  Find 5 Things That I Love About Myself (Physically)

It is a worrying thing that people find it so difficult to love things about themselves and that it is so much easier for people to find flaws physically. Being confident in your body is an extremely important thing for people psychologically and so I personally think that by doing this daily I am improving myself mentally. Every day I will find five things I love about my body throughout the day. I understand that this exercise can be very difficult to people who are not used to doing this or loving himself or herself, therefore to ease yourself into it you can find one or two things and start building this up until you have too many things you love to choose! Remember not to choose the same things everyday, mix it up and do it at intervals; don’t pressure yourself to find five things in the morning!

3.  Try To Stay Positive About Yourself And Others

Being an eighteen year old girl it is extremely easy to get caught up in nastiness and bitching about other girls due to immaturity and he said she said situations. However talking about other people in a negative way can have a negative impact on your confidence. In order to keep yourself in a positive mental attitude staying away from being negative about others will have a positive impact on your life and your relationships with others and in turn your confidence. This is almost a necessity as these situations can lead to a low mood and depression if they are constant due to how poisonous they are.

4.  Surround Yourself With People Who Love You

This is a huge one for me; I cannot stress this point enough! If you surround yourself with people who have a damaging or destructive impact on your life this will corrode your confidence and how you view yourself. This can take months or years to build back- if you ever do! I know sometimes you can say that someone is a good friend and that you need them, however if they are having a harmful impact on your life and your confidence is being hit due to comments or actions they are making, they need to be cut out of your life. It is far better to spend your time around supportive and loving people, friends and family are extremely important for this step! Surrounding yourself with loving people and you will reap the benefits and start to love yourself too.

5.  Remind Yourself How Far You’ve Come

A lot of people who have low confidence have low confidence have been overweight or bullied and I have had both. I find it is extremely important to remind myself how far I’ve come in my life- from a fat frizzy haired girl to the young woman I am today. This reminds me that I have a lot more changes to come and how far I’ve come.

6.  Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

This is a difficult one in todays society- I admit that. It is possible, however, to find a woman beautiful without comparing yourself to her- it is difficult but very very possible! Everyone has flaws- but everyone can hide these on social media, so when you compare your first draft to someone’s final copy, you will only lower own self esteem. Remember that you can be beautiful while you find other women beautiful too.

7.  Don’t Focus On Looks, Love Yourself Inside

Don’t base your worth on looks, personality is a very important part of confidence, if you constantly strive to make yourself a better person on the inside this will shine through. If you love who you are as a person, it will help you to love yourself on the outside too. Being a wonderful person is far more important than having a pretty face.

8.  Work Out

This is one of the tips I always ignored and hoped was false due to sheer laziness and not wanting to work out in case I looked stupid. But working out really does have huge benefits both physically and mentally! I have noticed that after a workout I feel so much more accomplished having done a half hour to an hour work out every day! It is so comforting to be able to work out from home; I use the Sworkit Apps on iPhone- mostly the Abs and Core and Butt ones though!

9.  Meditate

I know a lot of people might roll their eyes at this but meditation is such a calming thing to do. It completely takes you away from technology and any problems you might be facing and forces you to focus on your breathing, clearing your mind. This does wonders for your mental health and gives you a more positive outlook on life that can cause you to be more confident in yourself.

10.  Facial Scrub and Skin Care

This might seem really odd but for me if my skin is smooth and clear then my confidence is totally boosted! Keeping clear skin and a good skin care routine has only positive outcomes. Knowing that you don’t need to obsess over a spot or rough skin if you were to choose to not wear makeup is such a freeing feeling.

Just as one last thing to help, try to remember that the people you look up to whether that is celebrities or models, everyone has a bad day where they don’t feel very confident about themselves, just try and make sure that it is a bad day and not a bad month or year! Thanks for reading and hopefully this has helped! What sort of things help you boost your confidence?