The Worst First Date

Dates are a scary thought for anyone, nerves can easily get the better of two people who really like each other. But many dates can highlight how unsuited two people are for each other. In my case this date did the latter.

*Disclaimer* I have changed the name of my date so as not to embarrass anyone.

When talking to John I was so excited, there was so much flirting and a spark between us, I would look forward to his texts and we had a real connection. After a few days of talking he plucked up the courage to ask me on a date. I quickly accepted. Then the panic set in. After a swift text to my best friend it took only 10 minutes till she was at mine, with 4 outfit options sitting on my bed. I only had two days to pick a cute outfit, choose a hairstyle and do makeup and all this whilst trying to accommodate to the horrible weather in the UK.

Those two days went by so fast and next I knew I was seeing him in the morning, he must not have been as nervous as me because he went drinking the night before and sent me quite a few texts whilst drunk. I woke up panicking, what if he stood me up? What if he didn’t like me? What if this was all a practical joke? I’m not the most confident person in the world on a regular day, but I really liked John and I thought he was gorgeous and way too good for me anyways. He text me to reassure me that despite drinking the night before he would still be seeing me and that I wasn’t to worry and the excitement kicked in. He ticked all the boxes for me it was just a matter of meeting him to finalise that we were compatible.

My best friend came over to mine for the two hour preparation that I take to get ready for a date or anything important, we had a laugh and she really really calmed me down about the date. She even offered me a lift to the date but was adamant that she was staying to see him in person. I politely declined knowing she’d be hilariously obvious about her thoughts on him (which I adore about her).

I arrived at the coffee shop we were meeting at and got myself a drink and a seat and waited for him to come through the door.

Ten minutes passed…


He was an hour and a half late. Not a good start. I was not impressed, neither was my best friend who I was texting the whole time. He continued to confirm that he was on his way but my patience was dwindling. He finally text me asking to meet in a place ten minutes away which I agreed to. (I shouldn’t have bothered)

When I met him I could tell there was little effort put into getting to the date on time or looking even slightly presentable for me. His first words to me were “Where can I get alcohol?” which I was wholly disgusted at, no compliments on how I looked or my effort or me staying for an hour and half after our planned time. I took him to Wetherspoons in town begrudgingly where he bought himself a whole array of alcoholic drinks, including shots, at 1pm. In Wetherspoons he decided to try for a compliment “Its nice to see chubby girls are wearing crop tops again.” My look must’ve given away my feelings as he then continued “I mean you look ok in it though” this date was over in my head as we headed to the Kilted Kangaroo. More disappointment was to follow, at the Kilted Kangaroo I was given the absolute pleasure of witnessing him and the barmaid at the peak of their flirting abilities.

But I was starving and in my opinion food will always come before boys. After those comments and all the flirting I had endured the least he could do was buy me food, and I suggested it be a cheeky Nando’s. As we headed to Nando’s I was reminded how good looking he was and how often he went to the gym, and how out of my league he was. Obviously this was the best part of this most wonderful of dates. Finally, we were at Nando’s and he even avoided talking to me there as he told the waiter of how drunk he got the night before and how many girls he had gotten with.

Luckily the waiter was more sympathetic than the barmaid had been and whilst my wonderful and accommodating date headed to the bathroom, the waiter reminded me of what an arse he was. My date then complained about how horrible and expensive the food was the entire meal, which was so fun….. He also dead lifts all the time apparently.

Just as the date was finishing and as he was walking me to the bus stop so I could get back to university and get to my best friend as quick as possible, he made a comment which made me realise what a mistake this whole date was, “You don’t need to worry about coming back home with me, theres a naked girl in my bed right now waiting for me to get back to her to spoon, and we all know what that means, but it was alright to meet you I guess.”

To say this was a bad date is a huge understatement, this was the worst date I have ever had and probably will ever have in my life. Luckily now I can laugh about this and always know I’ll never have a date as bad as this.

Have any of you had a bad date? What is your best and worst date experience? Thanks for reading my blog.