Beauty Review: Benefit and MAC

My Christmas Presents From My Boyfriend

My Christmas Presents From My Boyfriend

I have always been too scared to post a beauty review online as I felt as though I did not have the qualifications to do a make up review, however I swiftly changed my mind as I have a face, I use make up and I am allowed an opinion. So hopefully you enjoy my first (and hopefully not last) beauty review!

I am reviewing four products from two different brands; MAC and Benefit. These two brands are already known for their high quality products with many famous bloggers giving them the highest praise, and I am not about to disagree with them. I am new to both brands as I recently became a bigger beauty fanatic than I was previously. Luckily, however, my boyfriend bought me three products from House Of Fraser by Benefit for my christmas which has allowed me to use their better quality products than I had previously been using. The three products my boyfriend treated me to were the Hoola bronzer, the Rockateur blusher and the Watts Up highlight. I have also always loved MAC and so treated myself to 3/4 lipsticks over the past year with a favourite of mine being Twig.

Hoola Bronzer 

I am a huge fan of bronzers as I believe it adds colour and contour to your face, it can make your face look skinnier and stops your face looking two dimensional after your foundation and powder. However, many bronzers can highlight spots or look muddy but this bronzer doesn’t do either, it creates a beautiful and natural contour. Despite the product looking like it comes in small packaging with little product within the packaging, little product is necessary for a natural look.

Within the packaging there is a small brush which is of a good quality, however I use a Real Techniques brush which works perfectly with the product. The bronzer is matte and therefore doesn’t highlight any spots that there may be, sometimes if a shimmer bronzer is used it can look muddy around areas with spots.

Little product is necessary for a natural coverage and if you put too much product on the brush it can give an extremely dark look to your cheeks, however if only a small amount is put on the brush it is easy to build on to. I am a huge fan of this however I do see how people could put too much on you could result in a dark and muddy cheek area, however if you start light and build up your colour.

Rockateur Blush 

I have found that certain blushes make my cheeks look doll like as they have such a dark and hard colour to them and I am very pale and that trend just never really worked for me. This blush is a beautiful shimmery pink for the apples of your cheeks, this blush goes beautifully with the Hoola bronzer and blends to complement the natural contour that the Hoola bronzer offers. The product is in the same small packaging with the same brush however I again use a Real Techniques blush brush alongside the product and have found that this gives a nicer application than using the accompanying brush.

The shimmer within the blush gives a slight highlight to the apples of the cheek and gives a natural glow without being dark and harsh on the face. Not much product is necessary to create a nice and natural look which allows Benefit to place the product at the price it has because it can last a long time. This is my new favourite blush and I usually don’t like or enjoy using blushes, my mind has been changed by using this product.

Watts Up Highlight

This is a highlight that is different to many of its competitors as it comes as cream in the form of a stick whereas many of its competitors are powders, I am a huge lover of highlighting cheekbones and down my nose, so this is perfect as it is so easy to use, there is no powder fall out which highlights the wrong areas and it doesn’t look like it is stuck on top of the makeup look as an after thought as it is extremely blend able.

The stick comes with a blending sponge on the bottom of it which is extremely useful and does its job perfectly. It blends the cream into the makeup but due to how small it is allows for precision in the areas you want highlighted. Cheap powders can give a look of being on top of the foundation or wearing off throughout the day but this cream stays on throughout the day and due to it being a champagne colour it works perfectly with the Hoola bronzer and brings out the contouring due to being a little darker than the white highlight that is often available.

Twig Lipstick 

This lipstick is a rich matte lipstick from MAC which is extremely on trend and one which I am loving at the moment, this red based brown is a beautiful colour which hands itself to the Kardashian movement of dark nudes/light browns to accentuate the lips and allow over lining the lips to create a bigger pout. This colour is a huge favourite of mine as it takes a lot of wear and when it does disappear from the lips it isn’t obvious that you had a different colour lipstick.

This lipstick is a rumoured favourite of Kylie and Khloe Kardashian who are huge fan and beauty favourites with constant changes in their looks. This lip colour is argued a dark nude or light brown which is very forgiving when re-application is necessary as it doesn’t leave an obvious mark when mistakes have been made (cause these can happen a lot!!). I have adored MAC’s matte lipsticks recently and hope to collect a few more!

What is your favourite makeup product? Do you hope for any new trends this year? Or to get rid of a few trends in 2015?


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