Why I Love Frozen


With Frozen becoming one of Disney’s biggest (if not THE biggest) money maker and popular movies, it has left many parents hating the brand due to it being on everything from the usual dolls, bags and stationery to the slightly peculiar bras, seatbelt’s and dog collars.

I, on the other hand, have enjoyed how extravagant Disney has been with the merchandise available to the fans, I personally adored the movie and have watched it many times (much to my boyfriends hatred) but personally I have many reasons to enjoy the film. As a sufferer of depression I did find myself noticing a lot of similarities between myself and Elsa, keeping everything in, hurting those who are trying to help and are closest to you and finding it difficult to let people help. These reasons alongside the family bond and female heroines was the perfect mix for me to be a fan of the movie.

Frozen’s fans will understand that although Disney are making this their cash cow at the moment the movie has anchored itself as a classic Disney film already. It will also be a christmas favourite due to its icy setting and incorporation of ice and snow into the story, with Elsa having the power to create snow and ice (and dresses?) and Olaf the cute lovable snowman.

The songs are another integral part of the film with the story being that Elsa was an evil queen until they heard the song ‘Let It Go’ that I’m sure everyone has heard!! My parents hate the songs Let It Go, Love Is An Open Door and Do You Want To Build A Snowman due to me constantly singing them. Having a baby brother who is only one year old has allowed me to mask my addiction to Frozen as a way to keep up with how to look after my baby brother but I have a feeling my mum is doing the same. My uncle also bought himself the dvd to play on christmas day to show his children and his parents which entertained three generations for the one hour and 42 minutes running time. This is enough proof for me that Disney has created another family favourite (at least for my family).

Disney have made $1.27 Billion (over £823 Million) Worldwide from Frozen by the end of November 2014 according to MTV, however christmas will have increased that number drastically, if that doesn’t highlight that it is a new family favourite, I don’t know what is!

I am so so glad that in my Frozen collection I now have the dvd, the sing along dvd, a pen and a pair of joggers, and if I can convince my boyfriend a cuddly Elsa Doll! What were your thoughts of Frozen this year? Do you think the craze will continue in 2015?


One thought on “Why I Love Frozen

  1. feelingblind says:

    It took me more than a year to sit down and watch this film. When everyone was saying they were tired of hearing “Let It Go”, I hadn’t even heard it once. After I finally did hear it, I wanted to sing along too!

    Frozen is a great film and I wholly endorse it being shown to children because it has such a positive message, especially for women. Love isn’t some instantaneous magical thing that consumes your life in an instant, which is a trope many older films enforce. Seeing Anna’s relationship with the prince fall apart the way it did was great, because it was more true to life. It was also refreshing to see that Kristoff wasn’t the answer in the end. Surely they have a friendship and the start of something, but it wasn’t the true love needed to break the curse.

    It was also refreshing to see an animated film deal with the issue of depression so candidly. Frozen is just an awesome film.

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