The Disgrace of University ‘Journalism’

With Stirling university newspaper having a rival online newspaper in the form of The Tab, highlights the difference between print journalism within a mediated newspaper and an online ‘newspaper,’ where the deputy editor chooses to not just slate EVERY fresher but engage in gossip within their text. This embarrassing attitude towards journalism is exactly what journalism courses are aiming to eradicate. To produce an article without hard evidence and facts is a huge failing within journalism and within the writer themselves.

To stereotype all students in some way or another is a huge failing as not only a journalist but as a person and would elude to a person who not only is insecure within their writing capabilities but also a person who allows personal feeling and thoughts to shape the view they have on their writing. To create an article with a basis around disrespecting people due to the accomodation they live in, which creates a drama around the article as one by one people take offence and share the article to highlight their disgust. These misconceptions then lead to a rise in shares, views and comments however, is this good journalism creating a stir due to being not only disrespectful but also abusive, with excessive swearing and misjudged concepts around the people they are aiming to stereotype. As a journalism student myself I find this behaviour whilst being given a platform disgusting, within the University environment there are an abundance of stories and articles ready to be written by the right person.

By giving students a voice this allows for constant change and improvement however these changes all clearly need to be mediated as providing the wrong student with a platform to create controversy does not show the university or those studying within it in a good light. To know I am studying alongside a student who has written an article to have their name known rather than to highlight a topic that they are writing about is not representative of the journalist mindset.

As a student who is current residing in Beech Court myself I would like to highlight that I don’t drink Russian Standard Vodka, I drink Koppaberg whilst watching Made in Chelsea and using my MacBook Air. Apologies that I don’t partake in Poke N’ Stick Tattoos using Yes Badges and Biro Ink.